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Business Duty Officer

Attracting Investments

During the crisis, many entrepreneurs need to replenish working capital to maintain business stability. Some need borrowed funds to grow their business, start of new projects, and someone needs a bank guarantee to participate in the tender.

And of course, many people need advice on how to properly manage the available money..
In this section there will be news about, what should businesses do in these cases?.

Transition of Russian companies to domestic software

Accelerated and forced digital transformation due to crisis and economic shocks, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent emergence of new services updated the trend for information security in Russia.

Startup: not too early and not too late

There are two questions, which will almost immediately begin to bother any startup-er: "why?" and when?” you need to legally formalize your business project. And if the answer to the first question is

Testing the digital ruble platform

In January 2022 года Банк России планирует начать тестирование прототипа платформы цифрового рубля — запуск цифровой валюты станет одним из ключевых проектов в области цифровизации

How to check a business before buying

Buying an existing business is a very responsible process., the result of which can be not only losses, but also criminal prosecution, Which is why, needs to be checked

Cryptocurrency and its regulation in Russia

Cryptocurrency is one of the trends today, which cannot be ignored due to the attractive conditions of interaction within the payment system and the growth prospects of this digital currency. That's exactly why

Leasing. What is its essence

Business development is closely related to the need to attract finance. For the most part, businessmen attract loans, but few know that there are others, more profitable, ways. In

New package of anti-crisis measures to support business

26 October, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses met with First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov at the Coordination Center, where he announced new support measures developed by the Government

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