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Testing the digital ruble platform

Testing the digital ruble platform

In January 2022 года Банк России планирует начать тестирование прототипа платформы цифрового рубля — запуск цифровой валюты станет одним из ключевых проектов в области цифровизации российской экономики.

Цифровой рубль станет новой формой национальной валюты, эмиссию которой Банк России будет осуществлять в электронном виде, в дополнение к уже существующим бумажным или безналичным деньгам. It's intended, that the digital ruble will be stored on an electronic wallet, which is opened in the payment system of the Central Bank. A citizen or a legal entity has the right to issue only one electronic wallet.

It may seem, that DR is a cryptocurrency, because cryptographic tools and corresponding codes must be used to issue and circulate it. But at the same time there is a key difference from such cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, lies in the fact, that DR is produced, regulated and controlled by the Central Bank.

The Bank of Russia claims, that the use of the latest technologies in the creation of the DR will lead to a reduction in the cost of calculations and increase financial inclusion, and will open up opportunities for the development of financial services and instruments. The DR will reduce the cost of issuing money and allow the Central Bank to fully control this process..

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