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New package of anti-crisis measures to support business

New package of anti-crisis measures to support business

26 October, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses met with First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov at the Coordination Center, где он объявил о новых разработанных Правительством мерах поддержки предпринимателей.

Что ждет бизнес в ближайшее время?

  • Issuance of a lump sum payment in the amount of 1 Minimum Wage on 1 employed person, что покроет примерно половину потерянной выручки предприятий, работающих в сфере спорта, гостиничного бизнеса, общепита, additional education, domestic services, culture, leisure and entertainment. To receive a grant, you need to apply from 1 November to 15 December on the website of the Federal Tax Service.
  • Resumption of the preferential credit program "PAYR 3.0", the loan rate on which will be 3% (the rest is subsidized by the state).

Maximum loan amount: 1 Minimum wage for each employee, multiplied by 12 Months.

Loan repayment terms: 6 the company does not pay anything for months, next 12 months repays the loan in equal installments at the rate 3%.

Condition for obtaining a loan: preservation of the number of staff on 90%, otherwise, the loan rate will be raised to the market rate (about 10% Annual).

The circle of applicants has been expanded, therefore, dental firms will now also be able to apply for support., as well as beauty salons and hairdressers, Enterprise, providing chemical cleaning services, Repair (NACE 95), additional education and childcare. The program also applies to catering and cultural enterprises., which are not formally SMBs, but suffer from COVID restrictions.

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