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Startup: not too early and not too late

Startup: not too early and not too late

There are two questions, which will almost immediately begin to bother any startup-er: "why?" and when?” you need to legally formalize your business project. И если на первый вопрос ответ будет простым — чтобы юридически закрепить отношения с основателями стартапа и контрагентами для заключения сделок (at least) — то ответ на второй вопрос должен быть более основательным.

That is why a basic instruction on the legal registration of a startup is offered to you right now

  1. Don't rush to immediately open an individual entrepreneur or apply for self-employed status at the stage of formulating the project idea . You can get a burn out from the idea, and the contributions paid for the opening of the individual entrepreneur will be lost.
  2. Go through the planning stages of the business model, of the technical task, prototyping and testing of the prototype on the target audience. Only at the stage of creating a minimum viable product, especially in the case, if it's an expensive development, you can start registering your startup.
  3. Choose the organizational and legal form: self-employed, IE, legal entity (ООО, JSC). It all depends on the number of startup founders, predicted turnover from its implementation and other special characteristics, that are provided for by civil law.
  4. Choose the tax regime (to do this, you can refer to the previously published post about the choice of the tax regime).

Помните, this instruction is basic and does not guarantee you success in the independent legal registration of a startup. The best solution would be to a competent lawyer, who is engaged in the support of startup projects from the moment of the idea to the release of the product on the market.

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