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Very important, so that the self-employed category does not replace the growth of the SME sector

Very important, so that the self-employed category does not replace the growth of the SME sector

Citizens of the Russian Federation began to move from the SME sector to the self-employed, these are the data of RANEPA and SME Corporation. This topic commented Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts of "Business Russia", Associate Professor, RANEPA, ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva.

The trend of SMEs becoming self-employed is an alarming sign and may be due to several factors. A flexible and mobile category of self-employed is provided, inherently, to strengthen entrepreneurial intentions, scaling professional activities in the legal field and ensuring a gradual transition to the category of business entities, also, subject to state support.

The reverse trend may indicate the possible exploitation of this category., which has more privileges, than entrepreneurs, also, regarding the tax regime. For iexample, when it comes to public services, then the individual entrepreneur pays 6% from income, and the self-employed 4%. Deep analysis needed, whether this category is used in excess of the thresholds, that is, in fact, for tax evasion, hiding the level of official income.

More than that, the outflow from the SME sector to the category of self-employed may also mean that citizens are not ready to do business, but it is entrepreneurs who are the basis of economic development, what Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized at a meeting with members of Delovaya Rossiya. Actually, today the goals of business entities correlate with strategic objectives, facing the domestic economy: development of new technologies, development of import substitution, job creation.

Despite, that the self-employed are given great attention, yet it should be noted their somewhat selfish role, since they consider the ultimate goal of their activities, usually, extracting only their profit. Further stimulation of this category is advisable from the standpoint of creating a basis of skills, communications, customer flow to move to a new status. Very important, so that today the category of self-employed does not replace the growth of the SME sector.

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