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Transition of Russian companies to domestic software

Transition of Russian companies to domestic software

Accelerated and forced digital transformation due to crisis and economic shocks, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent emergence of new services updated the trend for information security in Russia. The question arose of new requirements for the national IT infrastructure as a factor in sustainable development, increased demand for independent digital solutions.

Borders of sovereignty in the information space are gradually being established in Russia: the requirements for the localization of databases of Russian users for global IT giants are emphasized, additional measures are being taken to comply with the norms of Russian legislation. In April 2021 y. the law on mandatory installation of Russian programs on imported devices came into force. Russia thereby legislatively strengthened the position of manufacturers of domestic software.

The state now also faces the task of not only ensuring compliance with national laws by foreign players, but also to develop our own technological platforms, shifting emphasis towards practical security.

The transition to Russian technologies is a point of increase in the assets of domestic IT companies, and the demand on their products will only grow, in addition, a steady increase in the volume of state orders for IT products is expected.

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