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Business Duty Officer

Tyukhov Sergey Vladimirovich

Tyukhov Sergey Vladimirovich

Founder and CEO of SVT & Partners.



Degree in economics (MESSIAH, 2000 Mr.)

Higher legal (RANEPA 2012 Mr., With Honours)

Various special training programs in the field of tax administration, PODiFT, business process design and management.


work experience:

In 1999 was admitted to the state civil service in the tax authorities. The scope of duties included conducting audits of taxpayers on compliance with tax laws..

In 2008 year, having the class rank of adviser to the state civil service of the Russian Federation 3 class, joined the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring, where he served until 2010 y. During his service in the financial intelligence agencies, he served as a consultant to the Financial Investigation Department and conducted investigations in the field of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism, was awarded the class rank of adviser to the state civil service of the Russian Federation 2 class.

In period 2011-2012 years. again served in the tax authorities, the range of duties included the management of the department of on-site tax audits.

During the period of public service, he was awarded personal certificates and thanks from the Heads of the Federal Tax Service, Federal Financial Monitoring Service, Federal Customs Service.

Leaving public service, focused on legal and tax consulting for businesses and their owners. In 2016 founded the company "SVT and Partners", which has been led to this day.

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