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Business Duty Officer

Matyunin Oleg Valerievich

Matyunin Oleg Valerievich

A lawyer, Managing Partner at Law Office. Moscow "Matyunins and Partners", Chairman of the Commission of the Guild of Russian Lawyers for the Protection and Security of Business, member of the Public Council under the Prosecutor's Office of the city of Moscow, Vice President of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, Head of the Public Reception Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the city. Moscow on issues of violations and crimes in the field of economic activity, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences


  • lawyer, Graduated from the Saratov State Academy of Law,
  • additional education - consultant on taxes and fees of the Chamber of Tax Consultants of Russia,
  • specialty "Economics", "Security of Computing Systems and Networks", "Mediation" (Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Institute of World Economy and Finance, All-Russian State University of Justice),
  • ten years of service in the bodies of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation,
  • advanced training at the Academy of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation under the program "Procurator's Supervision over the Proceedings of Inquiry and Preliminary Investigation",
  • судебный эксперт по экспертной специальности «Исследование на коррупциогенность проектов нормативных правовых актов и иных документов».


  • defense in criminal cases of economic and tax orientation,
  • police checks,
  • tax audits,
  • prevention of criminal risks,
  • legal investigations,
  • protection of managers and employees of the enterprise from criminal prosecution,
  • legal support for the activities of legal entities,
  • research on the corruption potential of draft regulatory legal acts and other documents,
  • mediation.


  • silver medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "For merits in the revival of science and the economy of Russia",
  • MOO "MAP" gold medal,
  • medal of the International Public Organization "MAP" "For the protection of Russian business".
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