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Business Duty Officer

Protection of clients' interests in divorce proceedings

Family law lawyer
We'll defend your rights in case of dissolution of marriage in court

Защита интересов при бракоразводных процесса

Как мы помогаем при бракоразводном процессе?

Divorce proceedings – a set of measures for the dissolution of marriage and registration of the termination of marital relations of the spouses.
In the registry offices, divorce proceedings can occur only with mutual consent to the dissolution of the marriage, absence of minor children and disputes over property. Otherwise, the termination takes place only in court.
For the dissolution of marriage in court, the help of qualified lawyers and attorneys is necessary. The divorce process in court requires careful analysis, providing evidence and defending one's own property and non-property rights.
Business Duty Officer, in many years of practice, was able to put together a successful set of measures, aimed at protecting the interests of their clients in divorce proceedings. Our team of experienced lawyers and attorneys takes a responsible approach to every case, with which people come to us, and they're ready to conduct the most difficult divorce cases, even with ones involving foreigners. We know, that every case is unique, and our professionalism and experience helps to find the most suitable solution.

How we help?

1. You leave a request with a question that you're interested in.

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back .

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions.

State your question in more detail by phone, arrange a personal meeting.

3. Offer a solution.

Once again we analyze the ways to resolve the issue in a personal meeting, agree on a roadmap, we conclude an agreement with you on the provision of legal services.

4. We protect your interests in divorce proceedings.

Осуществляем полное сопровождение позволяющее максимально нивелировать все связанные с бракоразводным процессом моменты.

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