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Business Duty Officer

Business protection

Constant inspections of state bodies, unfriendly actions of competitors and finally raiding are constant companions of doing business. Officials and courts are deaf to business problems and do not help. The lion's share of business income goes to the mercy of officials and the cost of fighting competitors. What remains?
Competent legal support will help to resist arbitrariness and lawlessness (will allow you to correctly substantiate your position in court and before the authorities). Of course, often the solution to the issue cannot be obtained only from a lawyer and a stronger resource is required., to move the process forward, but here you can not despair, GR services and investigative journalism will help to draw attention to the problem and ensure the stable and safe functioning of the business.

And of course, here you can read about, what to do if trouble has already come.

Privacy Protection, what to do business

Under the legal mechanisms of information protection, we understand the legal consolidation of the company's relationship, states, citizens in order to determine the legality of using information, which has some value (for organizations

Recommendations for checking counterparties

Checking counterparties is aimed at, to protect the company from financial and tax risks. So how to check the counterparty for conscientiousness and reliability? Let's look at a few ways:

Bankruptcy - what is the benefit to entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs perceive the bankruptcy procedure only as a negative process., capable of tarnishing their business reputation or discrediting them in the eyes of counterparties, clients and partners. However, sometimes

Features of liability for tax crimes

As statistics show, the number of tax offenses is increasing every year.. Experts note, that this trend is caused by a combination of economic and political processes, currently taking place in

Solutions for business in connection with sanctions

The Russian Federation is currently in a dynamic legislative state. Many anti-crisis resolutions have already been issued to support the domestic economy, some are in the process of being adopted..

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