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Business Duty Officer

Protection at the preliminary investigation

Preliminary investigation
We protect the rights of suspects and accused persons at the stage of preliminary investigation

Protection at the preliminary investigation

Preliminary investigation - the stage of the criminal process, that follows the initiation of criminal proceedings, during this stage law enforcement officers establish the main circumstances of the committed crime: the identity of the accused person, the extent of their guilt, the crime's motives, the amount of the damage that was caused, reasons and conditions, that contribute to the commission of a crime and so on.

After the preliminary investigation is completed, the suspect is handed with an indictment, and after this the suspect already passes to the status of the accused.

Since the main circumstances are established at the stage of the preliminary investigation, it's necessary to involve an experienced and professional lawyer as soon as possible. Business Duty Officer has been helping the entrepreneurs to prove their honest name for many years now, to preserve their freedom and their business.

How we work to protect you at the stage of preliminary investigation?

1.You leave a request for defense during the preliminary investigation or immediately call our lawyers.

Call the specified number or fill out a form on the website with the description of the problem, and we'll call you back.

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions.

We discuss your problem and possible solutions.

3. An experienced lawyer will proceed to your defense as soon as possible.

(Then) we agree on the terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement.

4. Based on the results of a high-quality defense, the lawyer achieves the best outcome possible in your criminal case.

Attorneys and lawyers immediately provide the full range of necessary services and procedural actions for your defense.

Why's it the Business Duty Officer who will give you the best defense services at the stage of preliminary investigation:
Immediate appeal to lawyers and lawyers with many years of experience and qualifications guarantees the most favorable outcome of the criminal case for the principal.
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