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Business Duty Officer

Legal solution of blocking under the article 115 FZ

Legal assistance under 115-FZ

We will help you unblock your accounts and reduce the risk of further blocking to zero.

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Legal solution of blocking under the article 115 Federal Law Federal Law “On Counteracting the Legalization (laundering) of income, that is criminally obtained, and Financing of Terrorism” 07.08.2001 No. 115-FZ in the first place, as its name suggests is aimed at battling money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing.
But in fact, any entrepreneur can face and feel affected by it, while usually learning about the limitation of their business' bank account after it's already been locked.
According to 115-FZ, banks are required to monitor account transactions and limit those, which, in their opinion, for one reason or another, may be considered doubtful.. To describe the above actions, the most commonly used expression is "account blocking".
And in practice, anyone, who has a bank account, uses it for commercial or personal purposesm can be affected by it.
Bank, until all requested documents, that confirm the transparency of the transaction, can block the account, at their own discretion, if at least one of the following symptoms is present:

  1. unreliability of documents on the transaction or their absence;
  2. if a large number of money transfers are made from an organization in favor of individuals;
  3. the presence of atypical transactions;
    the withdrawal of capital from the country;
  4. lack of economic sense of the transaction;
    understatement of tariff payments;
  5. withdrawing large amounts of cash;
    tax evasion.

At the same time, the same bank may offer you to transfer funds to another account for a rather large fee..
We think, that it's not worth agreeing, after all, it is important to prove your conscientiousness and honesty and not to allow, someone from encroaching it.
Especially, since later this may become the basis for conducting an inspection against you and possibly even a pre-legal inspection, which in turn may lead to prosecution..
In such a situation, the only right decision is to contact qualified specialists in the field of banking law., since any wrong action at this stage can subsequently lead to an extremely negative outcome, up to and including criminal prosecution..
Business Duty Officer has extensive experience in dealing with such situations, having developed a certain algorithm of actions over the years of work, which allows you to minimize the negative consequences of the action of 115-FL.
In particular, Our work in this area includes the following stages:

  • We analyze the situation in a short time and form a legal position;
  • We form and send the necessary documents and requests to the bank.

In most cases, the above steps are enough and usuallyafter that the current account will be unblocked within a few days after contacting, but every case is different, Moreover, all banks work according to their internal regulations., which are usually different.
Anyway, if the issue is not resolved out of court - we have a rich positive practice in this category of cases in court, against various banks, with full recovery of funds and compensation for customer losses.
Our specialists are ready to provide mechanisms and algorithms of work, under which the risk of subsequent blocking will be reduced to zero. Thereby, seeking professional help on this issue will be useful, including topics, who has not faced the problem of blocking a bank account.
Also, it won't be superfluous to emphasize once again, that an immediate appeal to Business Duty Officer will help you not only regain access to the assets of your organization, but also to avoid criminal liability!

How we help in case of blocking under 115-FZ?

1. You leave a request with a question that you're interested in.

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back .

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions.

We discuss your problem and possible solutions.

3. We offer a solution to your question during a personal meeting, developing a roadmap.

We coordinate decisions, terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement.

4. We provide qualified legal support in resolving issues related to blocking under 115-FZ.

In the shortest possible time, we are making every possible effort to resolve the issue related to blocking your account under 115-FZ.

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