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The interaction between government and business in the conditions of the NWO was discussed at the Patriot media center

The interaction between government and business in the conditions of the NWO was discussed at the Patriot media center

Entrepreneurs and lawyers discussed at a press conference Mediagroups "Patriot" "Can Russian business forget about profit in the conditions of the NWO" problems of legal regulation of entrepreneurial activity in the Russian Federation and measures, to be taken, to reduce regulatory pressure.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin waits until June 1 from the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) ideas for amending criminal law to reduce administrative pressure on business. The problems of liberalizing the conditions for doing business in Russia cause a powerful discussion in society, during which the interests of business and the country are often opposed. However, under the current conditions of external pressure, the line between the public and private interests of Russian business is gradually blurring., considers the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Business Russia Coordinator for the Northwestern Federal District, Chairman of the St. Petersburg regional branch of "Business Russia" Dmitry Panov.

According to him, already during the pandemic, a high-quality dialogue between business and government began to build, which not only allowed to level the risks of unreasonable administrative and criminal law impact on entrepreneurs, but also to consolidate the efforts of the state and the business community to overcome the difficulties that have arisen. This process of interaction between private business and the state intensified after the start of the NWO in Ukraine.

“One of the facets of patriotism is the unification of the efforts of entrepreneurs in the name of the economic stability of our country., and, first of all, increasing its defense capability. Entrepreneurs are in a difficult situation right now., they have to rebuild supply chains, they have to reorient themselves from unfriendly countries to those, who support Russia. Meanwhile, business calmly responds to government appeals., and we ourselves take initiatives to support our children, who are at the forefront, Panov said..

Concerning the issues of cooperation between businessmen and the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts, Dmitry Panov noted the need to develop additional investment guarantees, as well as building healthy, transparent relations within the framework of state and municipal contracts, accessible to all market participants and sold without excessive barriers.

Associate Professor RANEPA, Member of the General Council of Business Russia, Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts, ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva considers it important to soften supervision of entrepreneurs, because it will unlock the potential of Russian business, what directly affects the economic security of the country and the prospects for the development of the Russian economy.

Liberalization of criminal and criminal procedure legislation, according to her, today it is mainly aimed at protecting entrepreneurs from the termination of economic activity during the investigation of criminal cases. For some crimes, for example, which qualify as illegal acts in accordance with Art.. 76.1 CC RF, Entrepreneurs are released from criminal liability in case of full payment of the amount of damage and fine.

“Today, much attention is paid to the protection of the rights of business entities in control and supervisory activities, protection of entrepreneurs in criminal proceedings, and I believe, that a lot has been done. Let me remind you, that a law was recently passed, which enables business, evading tax payments with intent, pay them without immersion in the criminal-legal plane", - said Avdeeva.

Head of the Analytical Department of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs Evgeny Kononov touched upon one of the most acute legal conflicts, which concerns the problem of revising the results of privatization. According to him, now court decisions are being made in various regions of the Russian Federation, on the basis of which the property bought out by entrepreneurs in the 1990s is returned to the state.

“As a lawyer, I don’t understand, How are such decisions made?, since the legislation establishes clear statute of limitations of one to three years for voidable and void transactions. Let me remind you, what according to the Civil Code 1995 years, these terms were once from three to ten years, but the legislator reduced them", Kononov said..
In his opinion, instead of, to return state property, privatized with violations, using the link to, that the Federal Antimonopoly Service or the prosecutor's office recently learned about it, it was better to just buy it, if the state really needs it. Entrepreneurs, owning property, previously purchased from the state, according to the lawyer, have already invested in it, and have every right to receive compensation in case of, if the property is seized for state needs.

"Really, conditions may appear, when the state is forced to seize property from private individuals for public public purposes. But for this there is a civilized institution of nationalization”, — said Evgeny Kononov.
Alina Albotova, Head of the Department for Supervision of Observance of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office, told, how the prosecutor's office stands up for entrepreneurs, when they are subjected to unreasonable penalties from the tax and supervisory authorities. According to her, happens, that legal entities are brought to administrative responsibility by the controller without taking into account changes in the Code of Administrative Offenses, which speak of the need for control and supervision measures before bringing to administrative responsibility.

"We, undoubtedly, react to it. We had one case, when more 250 thousand rubles of fines were canceled based on the results of our audit”, - said Albotova.

The prosecutor's office helps, according to her, not only entrepreneurs, but also to ordinary citizens, who have been victims of bank fraud. For iexample, when, when older people succumb to the persuasion of managers, and transfer their cash savings to the accounts of commercial investment funds. Refund money for pensioners, who agreed to a more advantageous offer of the investment fund is not easy, since the legislation does not clearly regulate this sphere of relations, but the prosecutor's office, she noted, finds a way to solve the problem, when elderly people became victims of scammers.

"According to those requests, who came to us, banks, according to the results of our interaction with them, individual decisions were made on the return of funds. In general, we are aware of the situation and have informed the Prosecutor General’s Office about the need to change federal legislation.”, — said Alina Albotova.
Dmitry Panov also noted the active participation of the prosecutor's office in protecting the rights of entrepreneurs. According to him, many entrepreneurs, with the help of the prosecutor's office, managed to defend the pre-crisis interest rate on loans, when, due to an increase in the key rate of the Central Bank, banks began to force borrowers to sign agreements to increase the percentage of bank loans. If the borrower did not agree to the new terms, banks stopped lending to businesses. And only the intervention of the prosecutor's office helped entrepreneurs to solve problems with banks., noted Dmitry Panov.


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