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Tax accounting. Optimization

Tax accounting. Optimization
We provide services for small, medium and large types of business, as well as for individual entrepreneurs (IE)! We will conduct a detailed audit of your accounting department!

Our company is professionally engaged in the resolution of arbitration disputes, debt collection and audit of civil law risks. We have excellent knowledge of Russian legislation and extensive legal practice, which makes it possible to achieve a positive resolution of the case. Contact us and you'll get competent and prompt services.

What issues we solve constantly:
Most common mistakes in tax planning:

1. Minimization of the tax burden with the use of unverified counterparties, who don't fulfill tax obligations;
2. The use of illegal schemes for the import of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation;
3. Application of special tax regimes (STS, ENVD, patent) without any sifficient means;
4. Distortion of the results of domestic economic activity;
5. Incorrect execution of documents on financial and economic domestic activities;
6. Lack of due attention to work with the personnel of the organization;
7. Neglection of technical and information security issues.

The process of optimization and implementation of tax accounting:

1. Audit of the existing structure of the organization.

2. Business Risk Analysis (tax, criminal, administrative ones).

3. Legal reduction of VAT, of income tax, of the dividends, insurance premiums, PIT, property taxes.

4. Securing your organization's assets.

5. Registration of a package of necessary documents for the new structure.

6. Implementation of the approved structure.

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