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Business Duty Officer

Business Tips

Many entrepreneurs are accustomed to doing business "the old fashioned way", traditionally paying off officials, giving up on seemingly hopeless disputes with competitors and not seeing new ways to develop business. But really, why do something if it “works” like that?
Constant changes in the environment, legislation greatly change the rules of the game. How can you help here? What's New to Tell Experienced Entrepreneurs About, how to run a business?
Legal support will help to correctly substantiate the position before the authorities and courts. Win in court in "hopeless" disputes with competitors. GR services and investigative journalism will help bring attention to the issue and provide new impetus for business development. Besides, ensuring high-quality contact with public organizations, associations, unions, large business associations, communities, advisory structures under public authorities, the creation of specialized industry associations will help entrepreneurs find new business partners and give a new impetus to business development.
Well, and the information in this section will help to be always aware of the acute problems of entrepreneurship.

How to reach an amicable agreement with an opponent

When starting a business, disputes may arise between entrepreneurs.. One side agrees to reconcile, and the second is absolutely not ready to go to the meeting. A settlement agreement will help save

Solutions for business in connection with sanctions

The Russian Federation is currently in a dynamic legislative state. Many anti-crisis resolutions have already been issued to support the domestic economy, some are in the process of being adopted..

Organizational change management

In the modern world, management is characterized by various processes., happening at the same time. These include increasing the role of organizational culture, transfer of management experience from the commercial sphere to the sphere

International sanctions as force majeure

Russian legislation practically does not use the term "force majeure", mentioning it only in. 3 Art. 15 Law of the Russian Federation dated 07.07.1993 № 5340-1 "On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in

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