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В условиях санкционного давления нам нужны прорывные шаги и смелые решения

В условиях санкционного давления нам нужны прорывные шаги и смелые решения

In the conditions of economic turbulence, we really felt very much our demand in terms of providing services to businesses in establishing interregional relations, and in terms of interaction with the authorities on problematic issues. Needed a unifying force for entrepreneurs, which would not only establish a bridge between business and government, but also accumulated and implemented business initiatives. A number of our proposals were heard and accepted.

Today, the emphasis has shifted in favor of finding a mutually beneficial public-private partnership, building a dialogue between business and government, business reformatting in difficult conditions. Today in Russia there are a huge number of organizations, mechanisms and relevant bodies to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, among them - the expert center for criminal law policy and the execution of judicial acts of "Business Russia". It is important to understand, that the number of such options significantly exceeds those in foreign countries.

The main thing, what the expert center has been able to achieve – constantly, especially during troubles like a pandemic or anti-Russian sanctions, justify the trust of the business. If earlier the business community perceived specific steps of entrepreneurship, aimed at supporting the domestic economy, maybe, more like political declarations, today they see them as an opportunity to find a foothold and set the right vector for development.

In the work of law enforcement agencies, the vector has also shifted from quantitative indicators to goal setting. The prosecutor's office has traditionally been perceived as a punitive body, performing the functions of applying measures of criminal law repression in the framework of law enforcement. While human rights functions come to the fore today, in particular, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurship. The special significance of this institution is given by its status: the prosecutor's office is a law enforcement agency, who does not belong to any of the branches of government, what determines the nature of its activities in the supervision of compliance with the law.

New approaches to supervision are already bringing positive feedback and results in the business environment. According to the statistics of the expert center, 50,5% entrepreneurs would first of all turn to the prosecutor's office for the protection of their violated rights, would resort to the help of the business ombudsman 57,1%. In 2021 year, the prosecutor's office revealed 201.266 violations in the field of protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, which indicates the effectiveness of the body and a high level of trust on the part of business. Many applicants strengthen their position by contacting the expert center, to business associations or to the business ombudsman. In particular, in 2021 99,000 filed complaints with the Business Ombudsman. 367 entrepreneurs.

The symbiosis of public organizations and law enforcement agencies brings the effectiveness of appeals to a qualitatively new level. In 2021-2022 years, the number of baseless inspections has been reduced, excessive activity of law enforcement agencies on pre-investigation measures has decreased, minimized the case of the transfer of civil law relations to the criminal plane.

It is important to understand, that some unscrupulous entrepreneurs resort to the services of law enforcement agencies in the competition and even try to file an appeal with an expert center, but they do not find their confirmation. We will not protect business, who has dishonest intentions in his work, does not want to work and develop in the legal field. The law enforcement agencies are in the same position.. Today, the expert center creates a reasonable balance of two tasks: save the business not only from excessive control and pressure, but also from unscrupulous market participants.

An important aspect of protecting the rights of entrepreneurs, which is not covered by the concept of law enforcement, is interaction with representatives of the business community. Within the framework of federal and regional events of the expert center, scientific, practical and educational events are regularly held for the lawyers and business community, for public authorities and law enforcement agencies, business ombudsmen and business associations. Close cooperation has been built with relevant committees and councils of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, in particular, council for financial, industrial and investment policy, bureau for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and investors "Opora Rossii", platform "ZaBusiness.RF".

This is a very good practice and form of communication., when business and government are at the same discussion table. At first, entrepreneurs were skeptical about such meetings., but in our case, the organized work of the expert center and law enforcement agencies turned out to be very fruitful. Firstly, the prosecutor's office had the opportunity to listen to the problems of entrepreneurs firsthand, and for business - to get a real solution to their case. Secondly, Entrepreneurs learned in practice about existing human rights mechanisms, а органы власти усилили превентивную работу по недопущению ущемления и нарушения прав и законных интересов бизнеса.

На фоне антироссийских санкций баланс публичных и частных интересов поддерживается законодательными инициативами. Из нововведений, которые мы формулировали перед властью, стоит отметить внесение изменений в налоговые составы, снижая максимальную санкцию в виде лишения свободы в квалифицированных составах, предусмотренных частями 2, всего на один год. Мы отстаивали эту позицию на встрече президента России Владимира Путина с членами «Деловой России». В итоге нас услышали – это предложение реализовано, и его можно отметить как положительную практику. Проработаны также следующие проекты закона: расширить область применения привилегированного предпринимательского состава мошенничества (h. 5-7 Art. 159 CC RF) не только на коммерческие организации, урегулировать вопрос необоснованного изъятия и удержания имущества без процессуального статуса.

При этом в нашей стране отсутствует централизация работы правоохранительных органов по обеспечению защиты прав предпринимателей в процессе расследования преступлений, которая так необходима в осознании собственной правозащитной функции и устранении противоречий. Перспективной формой оптимизации деятельности прокуратуры в этой части может стать выделение отдельного направления прокурорского надзора – надзора за соблюдением прав субъектов предпринимательской деятельности в ходе расследования преступлений, для оперативного, всестороннего и комплексного анализа поступающих обращений.

В условиях санкционного давления нам нужны прорывные шаги и смелые решения. Только при условии проведения работ по централизации государственных органов и соответствующих «защитных» организаций возможно повысить уровень безопасности ведения бизнеса в России и восстановить его доверие к правоохранительной системе. Работа в этом направлении позволит сбалансировать экономическое процветание страны, а после стабилизации ситуации вывести его на абсолютно иной позитивный уровень.

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