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In Russia, for the first time, the definition of "raiding" will be introduced into the legislation

In Russia, for the first time, the definition of "raiding" will be introduced into the legislation

On Monday, 23 In May, the “New People” faction held a round table in the State Duma “The fight against raiding is the path to freedom of entrepreneurship”. Party members presented for open discussion with experts, community members and entrepreneurs bill on countering raiding.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Small and Medium Enterprises, Deputy from the party "New People" Alexander Demin said, that the need to adopt a law on raiding is long overdue, but under the current conditions, more decisive action is required: “Now in Russian legislation, the threats and consequences of raiding for the economy are strategically underestimated. It is necessary to counter raider crime by all means. We also need political, and economic, and organizational and technical measures. But the main thing is new legal mechanisms.”, MP says.

Murat Dudarev, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the New People Party for Human Rights, presented a bill to the round table, which for the first time establishes the foundations of state policy in the field of countering raiding and the very definition of raiding. The document outlines the main directions for the formation of future legislation in order to counter raiding, the principles of its prevention are determined, minimization and elimination of the consequences of raider offenses.

“The Russians will receive a system to combat raiding. Its essential elements, for example, should become non-interference in the legitimate business activities of state bodies, ensuring access to publicity of persons, raiding victims, freedom of enterprise. The legal and organizational framework for the prevention of raiding will also be established., - said Murat Dudarev.
Vice-President of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights Ivan Melnikov spoke about the possibility of increasing the punishment for raiding: “Remember the story of the Menshevik: the director had to fight off the raiders with weapons, because his life was in danger. He was later acquitted by a jury, but the man still spent three years in jail. A striking example, who put on the ears of the whole country. Responsibility for raiding should be criminal, because the damage is too great, people are losing their business.

While this is the size of the business, according to Alexander Demin, is not a kind of "protective amulet".

“The goal of attackers when capturing large enterprises, usually, is the business itself, while in relation to SMEs, criminals are interested in real estate, which they own or use, - noted the head of the committee on SMEs. — The special attractiveness of small businesses for raiders is, that they are less protected. And SMEs do not have their own organizational and economic mechanism, which can help defend in the event of a hostile takeover".
The participants of the round table noted, that the proposed law is needed now more than ever.

According to Ekaterina Avdeeva, Member of the General Council of Business Russia, Ambassador “business officer”, In the current economic climate, entrepreneurs need to be confident that, that they will be protected, therefore the organization supports the idea of ​​such a law. Dina Krylova agreed with her, Head of the Project and Training Laboratory for Anti-Corruption Policy at the Higher School of Economics. The expert called the bill incredibly relevant, because now all hope is for the development of new business projects.

New people will continue to discuss the draft law on raiding with experts within the inter-factional working group and are ready to take into account all significant amendments and proposals. In the near future, the faction will submit a bill to the State Duma for consideration.


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