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In Russia began to identify illegal miners in residential buildings

In Russia began to identify illegal miners in residential buildings

In Russia began to identify illegal miners in residential buildings. We learned to do this by the volume of energy consumption and changing the load profile, Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Snikkars told Izvestia. He added: Cryptocurrency mining is not yet regulated, However, it can be proven in court, that residents use electricity for purposes other than domestic use. Already known at least 10 cases, when power supply companies were able to recover from the miners the difference in the cost of electricity for the population and business, lawyers told.

In Russia, they began to prosecute for the production of cryptocurrencies in residential buildings at preferential rates for the population. Illegal miners learned to identify by increasing energy consumption and changing the load profile, Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Snikkars told Izvestia. He noted: Irkutsk power engineers began to do this according to load estimates at substations.

Pretty hard to prove, that crypto miners in residential buildings use electricity for business activities, besides, mining is not regulated yet, but in court they prove, that residents use electricity for purposes other than domestic needs. When suspicions arise, an inspector is sent to the apartment, who checks power plants. After that, the tenants will either be issued a new invoice for the price of electricity for the business, or prove this fact through the court, explained Pavel Snikkars.

There are already such cases in the jurisprudence., lawyers told. There are at least ten cases of successful recovery from miners of the difference in the cost of electricity for the population and business., Ekaterina Avdeeva, head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts of Business Russia. She clarified: acutely this problem arose before Irkutskenergosbyt in 2021 year, when this area turned into the "capital" of mining in the Russian Federation. There are indeed many examples of using the infrastructure of residential buildings for mining cryptocurrencies..

To recognize the fact of entrepreneurial activity, it is enough to establish a discrepancy between the volume of electricity consumption and the average monthly rate. Consume a lot of energy, means, you are a miner, summed up the managing partner of GMT Legal Andrey Tugarin. According to him, then the power supply company unilaterally changes the tariff and recalculates the amount of debt. Non-payment of debt leads to a power outage. At the same time, the court, usually, sides with energy companies, there is no positive practice in challenging debts by citizens today, concluded the lawyer.

Situation raises suspicion, in which the tenant, for example, consumes more than 30–40% of the consumption of an apartment building, as well as questions will arise due to a sharp increase in electricity consumption, noted Ekaterina Avdeeva. Besides, employees of power supply companies can check the consumer's electrical installations, and, if they discover mining hardware, - record it and present it in court. However, none of the parties to such a dispute has yet reached the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation., which could form a generalized regulation before the adoption of legislation.

Now common cases, when miners install equipment in residential buildings, what can cause electrical overloads and accidents. Another common type of violation is unaccounted for electricity use., when connection to the power grid occurs without permission at all, Sergey Shakirov, partner of the law firm Milton Legal, told. According to him, In this case, not only a fine, but also criminal liability under the article “Causing property damage by deceit or breach of trust”. The practice of such cases in Russia has already been formed.

The bill on mining was submitted to the State Duma 17 November. It involves the legalization of mining, declaration of income from it and payment of taxes. The Bank of Russia conceptually supports the bill, however, in general, it adheres to the position on the inadmissibility of the circulation of digital currency in the Russian Federation, reported in the press service of the Central Bank.

The largest energy retail companies did not answer Izvestia's question about, how many cases of illegal mining at preferential rates for citizens have been recorded. The Ministry of Finance also did not respond., how is it planned to solve this problem.

Revenue of Russian cryptocurrency miners in 2022 will reach about 60-80 billion rubles, estimated the analyst FG "Finam" Leonid Delitsyn. The total amount of power consumed for mining is about 1,7 GW, and 50–60% of the volume falls on the industrial segment, noted the director of BitRiver for interaction with state bodies Oleg Ogienko. He added: the concept of "illegal mining" is now absent as such, since this area of ​​​​activity has not yet been introduced into the legal field and has not been regulated.

However, when using electricity for commercial purposes, consumers are required to pay for electricity at rates for enterprises., not at a reduced cost to the public. Electricity consumption in the residential sector is accounted for at preferential tariffs, the difference between them and the full cost is paid extra by business and organizations of the budget system, explained the deputy director of the Association "Community of Energy Consumers" Valery Dzyubenko.

Industrial data centers for mining buy electricity at business prices, noted Oleg Ogienko. When is a large consumption for the production of cryptocurrencies taken into account at the tariffs for the population, businesses have to pay. The problem can be solved by tariff regulation, as well as registration of equipment for cryptocurrency mining, to ensure that these activities are under the control of the authorities, expert believes.

Another option is to establish preferential tariffs for electricity for the population within the limits of the socially necessary volume and the market price for consumption above this level., Evgenia Burova, PR director of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange, believes. She noted: in regions, where the cost of electricity for households is subsidized, tariffs for business and the population can differ by three to four times.

In most apartments and private houses there is a consumption limit in 10 kilowatt, which limits the “park” of equipment for mining to two or three devices, and monthly revenue minus electricity costs - 30-40 thousand. rubles. Therefore, the most high-profile cases of illegal mining are related to the theft of electricity from networks due to illegal connection., said Evgenia Burova.

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