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Simplified Appeal of Inspections Is a Half Measure, laws need to be changed

Simplified Appeal of Inspections Is a Half Measure, laws need to be changed

More simple submission of complaints to inspections partially reduces the risks of illegal punishment for business, considers Ekaterina Avdeeva, member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya and head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts.

The expert is sure, that the ability to appeal against violations in inspections quickly and at low cost will greatly help aspiring entrepreneurs, but this is only a half measure because, that the moratorium on inspections has a certain time lag. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the real number of hidden violations by inspections..

“Simplification of the appeal procedure will not fundamentally change the law enforcement practice at this stage, but it is already possible to predict the improvement of the situation”, – considers Avdeev.

For the moratorium to work in full force, business needs to be ranked by risks, and from this position, law enforcement and tax authorities should appoint inspections or carry out preventive measures, added the expert.

Until the end of this year, there is a moratorium on scheduled business inspections, also, labor. However, with salary debts, the moratorium on inspections will not apply..

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