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Business Duty Officer

Criminal, legal, financial risks

Often, in the course of doing business, entrepreneurs do not attach importance to the need to pay attention to the legal component of the business, not understanding the subsequent financial and “criminal” consequences of such inattention.

For iexample, business operating according to the "knurled" and thoughtlessly and in the absence of real grounds, paying additional taxes, fines and other payments, thinking, that everything will be resolved by agreement, don't think about the consequences. Many people think about it, already in pre-trial detention or in bankruptcy proceedings. In this section, entrepreneurs will be able to find tips on how to avoid many seemingly "non-obvious" risks., arising in the course of business activities.

How to protect yourself from blocking under 115-FL

To date, in the field of entrepreneurial activity, is unfortunately, the problem of blocking accounts is extremely common: suspension of operations on the account and refusal to conduct a specific operation on

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