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Business Duty Officer

Deal structuring (including international)

Deal structuring (including international)

Крупные прибыли требуют крупных и сложных проектов. Нередко взаимоотношения в рамках одного экономического процесса юридически должны оформляться несколькими сделками. In this situation, it's necessary to apply for structuring the transaction to specialized lawyers, that not only have a broad theoretical knowledge of the laws, но и опыт оспаривания сделок.

How we operate to structure your deal:

1. You leave a request with a question that you're interested in

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions

We discuss your problem and possible solutions

3. We offer solutions for opening your business

(Then) we agree on the terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement

4. Больше Вы не беспокоитесь о юридической чистоте сделки

Сопровождаем весь процесс оформления экономических отношений

Why it is important to contact Business Duty Officer?

Timely applying for a deal structuring service is an excellent solution to reduce not only legal, но и финансовых рисков сложных экономических отношений

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