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Smolny will give tenants a respite

Smolny will give tenants a respite

Smolny will provide city ​​property tenants the possibility of deferring payments for the third quarter. The measure is aimed at supporting entrepreneurship during the crisis. Experts note, that the delay will not save the whole business, but it will be useful for companies that are firmly on their feet.

The Property Relations Committee published on the Smolny website an order on additional measures to support St. Petersburg entrepreneurs, who have entered into a lease agreement with KIO. The document contains the conditions, for which rent is deferred. This measure is aimed at reducing the negative consequences of "restrictive measures of an economic nature", imposed on the Russian Federation, follows from document.

Tenants of urban real estate will be able to receive a deferral of payments for the period from 1 July to 30 September 2022 y. The document says, that in case of compliance with the procedure with the submission of additional agreements, the debt will not be subject to penalties (stumps), interest for the use of other people's funds or other measures of responsibility due to violation of the procedure and terms of payment.

To get a reprieve, the tenant must apply to the property relations committee with a statement of a certain form (The application can be found on the KIO website.). You can do it online, through a personal account on the KIO website, as well as regular mail. Industrial and scientific enterprises can take advantage of the delay, IT industry, logistics and construction companies, hospitality organizations, sports and culture, education and health, and others. In total, the document provides 45 types of entrepreneurial activity in all sectors of the economy.

The press service of KIO "Kommersant-SPb" quoted information from the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Alexei Korabelnikov, that this measure will be able to use about 5 thousands. companies and individual entrepreneurs. The total volume of the “interest-free loan” provided in this way will be up to 1,9 billion rubles. It's about real estate, the lessor of which is KIO, as well as other executive bodies of state power, their subordinate institutions and state unitary enterprises.

Director General of the National Institute for System Research and Entrepreneurship Problems Vladimir Buev told Kommersant-SPb, that this initiative is evaluated by market players is debatable. According to the expert, reducing any financial burden is always a plus for business. At the same time, any delays are a kind of "poultice".

"It's some kind of postponing potential bankruptcy. If the business has no cash flow, demand, consumers, then today he will pay rent or tomorrow - there is no difference. What if there is a cash gap?, when there is no money or resources here and now, but in the future they will, in this sense, for the entrepreneur, the possibility of delay is important”,- explained Mr. Buev.

Ekaterina Avdeeva, a member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya, compared the deferment proposed by the KIO with a short-term loan under 0%, the amount of which is equal to the size of a two-month payment. The expert noted, that this delay should have a positive impact on entrepreneurs, give them a breath of air, although it may not work for everyone. First, what to consider,- this order does not cancel the obligation to make rental payments, only allows entrepreneurs to spend their available funds on something else, more than the business needs at the moment, said Mrs. Avdeeva.

“It is possible to indirectly assess the problems with the repayment of rental payments by assessing property disputes, in which KIO of St. Petersburg participates as a plaintiff - 6 billion rubles. Businesses are in dire need of cash, lack of necessary liquidity can bring down even large profitable enterprises, who may fall into the funnel of non-payment of existing debt obligations. In such conditions, the risks of raider seizures of enterprises by unscrupulous creditors also increase.. Of course, rental expenses are almost the last in the conditional “commitment list”, under which enterprises allow delays, since non-payment of rent threatens with the loss of the opportunity to conduct activities as such”,the expert explained.


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