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Today, the unity of business and government comes to the fore

Today, the unity of business and government comes to the fore

Today, 11 May, Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts of "Business Russia", Associate Professor, RANEPA, Ambassador of the Expert Analytical Alliance “Business Duty Officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva took part in press conferences «Может ли российский бизнес забыть о прибыли в условиях СВО».

The event was attended by the Chairman of the St. Petersburg regional branch of "Business Russia" Dmitry Panov, Head of the Analytical Department of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg Evgeny Kononov, Alina Albotova, Head of the Department for Supervision of Observance of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of the Prosecutor's Office of St. Petersburg, Director of the Higher School of Law of the RANEPA Oleg Zaitsev.

Emphasizing the investment attractiveness of the Northern capital, Dmitry Panov emphasized the high-quality dialogue between business and government, contributing to leveling the risks of unreasonable administrative and criminal law impact of entrepreneurs. In his speech, he spoke about significant investment projects, implemented in St. Petersburg, which have tremendous prospects in the development of the city's economy.

Emphasizing close cooperation with the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts, Dmitry Panov noted the need to develop additional investment guarantees, as well as building healthy, transparent relations within the framework of state and municipal contracts, accessible to all market participants and sold without excessive barriers. According to him, it is expedient to work out such initiatives within the framework of "Business Russia", which unites the average business of the country, representing the support and potential for opening the country's economy.

According to Ekaterina Avdeeva, Today, the “unity of business and government in achieving those strategic tasks is coming to the fore, which are set by the country's leadership in the context of geopolitical and economic transformation. Obviously, that economic security also depends on unlocking the potential of Russian business, and the level of business protection from internal and external threats, as well as the prospective development of the economy as a whole”.

An important element in unlocking entrepreneurial potential are, one side, support measures and, on the other hand, organization of protection of rights and legitimate interests. These issues are given special attention in the control and supervision activities., which actively applies a risk-based approach, as well as in the criminal law plane through the provision and observance of guarantees, provided by the legislator for this category of persons during the investigation of crimes.

Answering the question about the liberalization of criminal and criminal procedure legislation, Ekaterina Avdeeva emphasized, that it is directed, for the most part, to protect entrepreneurs from termination of economic activity during the investigation of criminal cases. It's about procedural aspects.: choosing a measure of restraint, seizure and attachment of physical evidence. On the other hand, more broadly, for some crimes, which qualify as illegal acts, the legislator provides for the possibility for persons who stumble for the first time to pay a fine and “repent”. In particular, on many articles, listed in Art.. 76.1 CC RF, exemption from criminal liability is expected in case of full payment of the amount of damage and a fine. This is a serious financial punishment..

"Thus, liberalization does not imply indulgence for business. In matters of decriminalization and liberalization of the Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, emphasis should be placed on the balance of public and private interests, taking into account financial and legal consequences in the future.. One of the important aspects is the improvement of the mechanisms of the criminal process, including digital transformation", – noted Ekaterina Avdeeva.


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