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The role of business associations in government decision-making

The role of business associations in government decision-making

In the context of geopolitical and economic transformation, close attention is paid not only to leveling the risks of those challenges, who stand before the country, but also new opportunities, which open to Russian entrepreneurship. “Realization of opportunities today is available through the reform of the current legislation”, – thinks ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva.

Today, business associations are effective platform to convey their problems and proposals to state bodies, providing a truly constructive dialogue between business and government.

"First of all, attention should be paid to the big four business associations, which are in every subject of the Russian Federation (excluding newly annexed territories, but I'm sure, what is the matter of the near future): CCI, "Business Russia", RSPP and OPORA RUSSIA, each of which focuses on businesses of different sizes", – said Ekaterina Avdeeva.

So, business associations allow to accumulate and systematize business needs, while focusing on the balance of interests of entrepreneurship, society and economy. Permanently operating structures have been created on the basis of leading business associations, which provide a dialogue between business and government and are platforms for discussing topical issues of legislation and practice. This is one entry point..

The next entry point will be regularly held events by business associations with the participation of representatives of state authorities at a level often not lower than deputy ministries., where you can ask questions. All work in this part is built through the permanent executive body of the organization.

The third and very important point of influence on law-making activities is participation in the Government Commission on legislative activities.. The commission works regularly during the work of the State Duma and evaluates bills sent to the State Duma, if the subject of the legislative initiative is the Government, and also considers bills after the first reading, if they have already been submitted to the State Duma, for example, when, if a deputy or a group of deputies becomes the subject of a legislative initiative. At this stage, business associations create an additional filter through the prism of economic and legal consequences and can support, correct and even influence its abolition.

Finally, the highest level of bringing their proposals to the state level are forums of business associations, in which the President of our country personally participates. This is really an opportunity to briefly and reasonably convey the proposal., which, if supported by the President, will be included in his Instructions, and, Consequently, will soon be put into practice in the form of an already existing law.

As an example, Ekaterina Avdeeva cited the adopted bill, which influenced the most important codified act. It's about, in particular, about offers, voiced at the Delovaya Rossiya forum and supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, in particular, prohibition on simultaneous prosecution for the same administrative offense of an organization and its officials. Another important achievement of the business association in terms of rule-making was the 2023 year Federal law, providing for the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings in the event of full payment of arrears, as well as changing the statute of limitations for qualified tax compositions.

"Thus, influence on law-making activity today through business associations is not only possible, but also need, if you have current proposals for solving certain issues. The interaction of business associations and the state through existing legal mechanisms and communication channels allows society to, business to influence government decision-making, including in the field of economics. Such a dialogue will provide a balanced approach without bias in one of the parties and take into account private and public interests in solving problems, promising for the economy and society as a whole”, – concluded Ekaterina Avdeeva.

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