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Business Duty Officer

Arbitration Dispute Resolution/Arbitration Lawyer

Arbitration Dispute Resolution/Arbitration Lawyer

Counterparties don't fulfill their obligations? There are conflicts with shareholders?
Have any other problems?
In the event of arbitration disputes, our professional legal assistance will help you!

Arbitration dispute – strictly regulated by procedural legislation. The outcome of each arbitration dispute largely depends on the successful completion of seemingly insignificant formalities. Usually, the basis for the appeal of a particular economic entity to the arbitration court is the failure of the other party to fulfill its obligations under the contract.

Why you should cintact us in the event of an arbitration dispute?
On the issues of protecting business from criminal prosecution, we successfully practice at the following stages and in the following compositions:

Данный перечень не является исчерпывающим и если Вашей проблемы нет в указанном списке — обращайтесь и мы подберём комплекс мер направленных на решение именно вашего вопроса.

Over the years of work, Business Duty Officer has developed a successful algorithm for resolving the most difficult situations related to taxation and interaction with the federal tax service. Our team of successful lawyers and lawyers approaches each case responsibly, with which people come to us. We understand, that every case is unique, and our professionalism and experience helps to find the most suitable solution. We have been helping entrepreneurs to protect the interests of their business for a long time.. With us you can be sure of a comprehensive and individual approach to solving any of your problems..

Types of arbitration disputes in which we can help you:

Debt disputes

Debt disputes, for the most part they are long-lasting and therefore the problem may not occur immediately. Violation of the terms of the rules on obligations arising in the contractual relations between its parties becomes the cause or basis for the appearance of a debt. Based on this, the debt collection procedure must be carried out when company gets stuck in a debt, and also to prepare the entire package of documents for the purpose of, resolving the arbitration dispute.

Tax disputes

Tax disputes may arise in case of any contradictions regarding fees related to the tax authority and the taxpayer. In the protection of rights in arbitration disputes, a situation may arise involving recourse to the court. Tax authorities, who operate the inspection of companies, have the opportunity to express disagreement, related to the requirement to pay taxes in excess of the norms, defined by the current legislation or may notice shortcomings in the work of the commission. Economic arbitration disputes give the taxpayer the opportunity to identify the validity, of the payment required of them.

Corporation disputes

In the company's management relationships with the state, there is a high probability of arbitration disputes, as well as in the staff, which in turn leads to non-fulfillment of their duties to subordinates. The questions, which may be resolved under certain conditions of certain requirements, that are claimed on corporate disputes are related to the legality of state registration, to the assessment of the legality of the establishment of a legal entity, changes in its constituent documents, filling in information about the participants and bodies of the legal entity into the state register, its authorized capital, its distribution among the participants and so on.

Debt collection

In case of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by organizations, late payment or its complete absence for the goods and services provided, debts are formed, because of which, subsequently there are economic arbitration disputes. The main goal of each enterprise is to increase profits from the sale of the market. Which is why, a large number of legal entities have receivables. Also, the reason for the accumulation of debts, can be the search (by the organizations) for a large number of partners and counterparties , which may end up being useless.

Change in the ownership structure (founder's change)

Often, the structure of the owners of the company is experiencing changes. permutations of this kind are voluntary or forced. This happens at the moment, when the founders of the company proceed to the division and sale of shares in the authorized capital with the further withdrawal from the board of founders of several participants. The implementation of documentary and procedural preparation for the change of the founder is hard work, requiring extensive experience in arbitration disputes.

Administrative disputes

Administrative disputes have a special legal status, defined by special legal acts. And frequently, in order to make a positive court decision, you will need a good knowledge of the law. The activities of entrepreneurs are directly related to local self-government bodies and state authorities. Therefore, any illegal actions or omissions can lead to negative consequences for your business. In order to protect yourself from such situations, you can file a statement of claim with the arbitration court.

Why you need to entrust the management of your cases to an Arbitration Lawyer?
Pre-trial settlement of the dispute by an arbitration lawyer
  • Advice on the inclusion of arbitration clauses in contracts, conclusion of arbitration agreements, pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • Preparation and formation of responses to claims;
  • Referral of the case to arbitration;
  • Negotiations with counterparties;
  • Определение возможных вариантов; дальнейшего разрешения конфликтов.

Why's it more profitable with us?

  • Advice on the inclusion of arbitration clauses in contracts, conclusion of arbitration agreements, pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • Preparation and formation of responses to claims;
  • Referral of the case to arbitration;
  • Negotiations with counterparties;
  • Определение возможных вариантов; дальнейшего разрешения конфликтов.

Formation documents to the arbitration court

  • Building a defense strategy in the arbitration court through the analysis of the existing situation, including examination of documents, providing recommendations for the formation of a defense strategy in the arbitration court;
  • Drawing up contracts of assignment of the right of claim;
  • Drawing up statements of claim;
  • Prepare feedback;
  • Preparation of statements of claim and counter-statements;
  • Assistance in indemnification.

Why's it more profitable with us?

  • Knowledge of the full range of features necessary for the consideration of arbitration cases;
  • All processes occur many times faster, than in many other law firms;
  • At your request, we conclude a confidentiality agreement, which guarantees non-disclosure of information received from you.

Assistance of an arbitration lawyer in court

  • Representation of your interests in arbitration and arbitration courts;
  • Services of an arbitration lawyer in court when applying to the arbitration court to resolve disputes that have arisen
  • Why's it more profitable with us?

    • Years of extensive practice;
    • Your questions are solved by professional arbitration lawyers.

    Appeal against the ruling and decision of the court

    • Formation of appeals, cassation, supervisory complaints in administrative and civil cases;
    • Representation of your interests in the arbitration court of appeal and cassation instances.

    Why's it more profitable with us?

    • We guarantee a quick response, which is why, you have a significantly increased chance of winning in arbitration cases;
    • Our arbitration lawyers always take a principled and persistent position in the arbitration dispute

    Support of lawyers on decisions in court disputes

    • Conclusion of arbitration agreements;
    • Enforcement of arbitral decisions.

    Why's it more profitable with us?

    • We have experience in the legal field and for the most part succeed, in the deal, which we take upon to solve.
    Why you need to contact a professional arbitration lawyer?

    1. There are certain rules for drawing up a statement of claim;
    2. In addition,, there is a list of documents, which shall be annexed to it;
    3. If errors are detected, there is a high probability of returning the application and a negative decision of the dispute in the arbitration case;
    4. You need to have an understanding, to which arbitral tribunal to file an application. Otherwise, you appeal may be denied;
    5. It is necessary to be able to competently answer in court, to win the process.

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