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Business Duty Officer

Business plan development (for the investor, for a credit institution)

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think, that the business plan is an optional project and is needed only for the founders and directors of the organization. However, this is the most important document., roadmap for doing business. A business plan allows you not only to plan development vectors and synchronize team actions, but also to visualize the main directions and opportunities for potential partners, investors. This tool facilitates obtaining a loan for development in a bank, as well as infusion of funds into your project by investors.

The business plan should clearly correlate with both financial goals, so with the legal aspects. Development of risk indicators (in terms of sales channels, partners and contractors, consumers, etc.), reflection of the strengths and weaknesses of the company itself will help to level the main risk areas and develop strategies in case of undesirable developments. Besides, Business Plan – this is an official document, on which decisions are made in courts.

Often a business plan is created for five years, but in a rapidly changing environment, geopolitical and economic instability, that may interfere with the development of your business (sanctions, SVO, mobilization etc.), it is advisable to develop such a document for a three-year period or even more than one year.

The business plan has a specific structure and should answer questions about your product., activity, financial component, etc.. The following items are required:

  • Summary. Brief summary of the entire document, based on accurate and detailed calculations.
  • Market analysis. Detailed description of the direction of development of your product, namely the offers of your competitors, development forecast and trend analysis.
  • Product description. Enumeration of distinctive characteristics, benefits, features of the production of your product, as well as comparative base, based on competitive offerings.
  • Characteristics of potential buyers. Definition of the target audience - age category, activities, wealth level, etc..
  • Production plan and cost calculation. Information about the costs of producing a particular product, namely: raw material cost, salary, logistics, advertising costs, etc..
  • Promotion plan. Marketing strategy for product promotion.
  • organizational plan. Description of the structure of the organization, from legal form to job descriptions of employees.
  • Financial plan. Accumulated information on the costs of the above items, taking into account funding sources, as well as estimated income.

Business Duty Alliance experts have many years of experience in developing business plans and a large number of successful cases. By contacting us, you can not only prepare a legally correct and effective business plan, but also get advice and help, thanks to which you will be able to attract the necessary investments and build a business initially in the right legal way.

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