Business Duty Officer

Checking business partners

Checking business partners - Your insurance against commercial, tax and reputational risks. Today the situation in the world and in the economy is changing rapidly, Therefore, it is important to navigate the business space, constantly recording and collecting information about your partners. It's not just about your "advantage" in the market (All in all) or in negotiations (in particular), but about the prevention of those risks, which represents for the company interaction with an unscrupulous unreliable partner.

The most effective business partner review should include, First of all, general information about registration data, judicial practice, enforcement proceedings, licenses, trademarks. Secondly, need to review financial statements, which may contain data on income/expenses, pricing, government contracts, application of state privileges, benefits, subsidies, etc.. Next - it is especially important to check the presence of "affiliated" owners and shareholders, learn corporate ethics, mission and regulations, employee profile. Finally, verification of partners will help to identify their strategic goals and characteristics of their activities, and in conjunction with the analysis of media reports, you will get a complete picture of your partners.

Checking partners will become a reliable foundation for generating or adjusting your strategy to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. Business Duty Alliance experts will help you check your partners to build a safe and effective interaction.

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