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The problem of gray mining in the Irkutsk region was discussed at the federal level.

The problem of gray mining in the Irkutsk region was discussed at the federal level.

According to experts, activity should be legalizedis, as well as change the tariffs for the consumption of electricityroenergy

Issues of effective impact on gray miners, deployed large-scale activities in the Russian regions, discussed within live broadcast 8 February. According to federal experts, activity must be legalized, as well as change tariffs for electricity consumption. One of the fundamental moments for the Irkutsk region is the abolition of cross-subsidization. Read more about this in the material of the news agency IrkutskMedia.

As the head of the expert center for criminal law policy and enforcement of judicial acts said “Business Russia”, Associate Professor, Department of Legal Support of the Market Economy, RANEPA, as well as project ambassador “Business Duty Officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva, mining has already become a part of our lives, so it will be very difficult to ban it. This will give rise to even more illegal farms., which will cause even more damage.. In this regard, it is better to regulate this activity, определить правила работы и сделать ее налогооблагаемой. It will be beneficial for society, as well as for the state.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Denis Terekhov, in turn, stressed, what today 90% of all Russian mining is located in the Irkutsk region and in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. For almost a year, the parliamentarian has been trying to promote the idea of ​​delimiting mining and digital financial assets, а также инициативу введения налога на оборот криптовалюты — рубль с кВт. The rate can also be floating and depend on the bitcoin rate. In fact, as noted by the deputy, you just need to make changes to 1,2 part of the Tax Code. As a result, all income will be legal, and the budget will receive additional money. According to preliminary calculations, it's up 1 trillion rubles.

At the same time, overconsumption of electricity, in addition to technical problems, leads to an increase in cross-subsidization. As a result, the illusion of a cheap tariff for the population is created., who try to stay in power, noted the Deputy Director of the Association “Community of energy consumers” Valery Dzyubenko.

“So they act shortsighted. Cheap price is good, but then business will shift all costs into manufactured goods for the population. As a result, the consequences can be even more serious.”, - noted the expert.

He also reported, that last year in the Irkutsk region the volume of cross-subsidizing amounted to 5,7 billion rubles. This year, all companies in the Angara region will pay 7,7 billion rubles. Rising costs are also associated with, that thrives on domestic energy consumption.

According to the expert, introducing an income tax for miners is a more difficult path. Easier to differentiate the cost of electricity. Calculated, one household consumes about 7 thousand kW per month. As a result, only 1% population of the region. However, while the Angara region is in no hurry to switch to the introduction of a fair tariff.

“The decision of the Irkutsk region lies not in the sphere of economy, but rather politicians. Taking into account the problems, available with the growth of mining and high electricity consumption by the population, this step would be correct. For the region it was easier and clearer. In the future, the Irkutsk region will have to resolve the issue of cross-subsidization. The introduction of tariff differentiation is the right step. But that alone won't be enough”, — noted the director of the Center for Research in the Electric Power Industry of the National Research University Higher School of Economics Sergey Sasim.

According to the expert, помимо введения справедливых стимулирующих тарифов нужно вносить изменения в закон о связи, so that ISPs can report IP addresses, who mine. It is necessary to give the right to cancel the technical connection and much more. In parallel with this, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for legal mining.

“Can't kill this activity. You need to learn how to work with her.”, - summed up the expert.

Also, According to him, нужно отменять перекрестку и концентрироваться на адресной поддержке малоимущих.

At the same time, Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev did not agree with his colleagues on the issue of introducing taxes on income for miners.. At first, According to him, need to deal with high technology. However, one must understand, the lower the rate, the higher the quality of life of the population, provided that the funds received are included in the economy of the region.

Ekaterina Avdeeva also noted, that mining needs not only legalization, because often this activity brings discomfort to other residents. Therefore, they are necessary as stimulating, and fiscal measures. They will bring results.. Besides, need to define a roadmap, to gradually solve all the problems. Consumption tax in this matter, Maybe, will be the first step.

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