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Practical conference “Isolated Disputes in Bankruptcy: game by the rules and without”

Practical conference “Isolated Disputes in Bankruptcy: game by the rules and without”

New economic and social challenges force the legislator and the courts to respond in a timely manner and create an appropriate regulatory fabric, adapt the practice of its application. Following the idea of ​​balancing the interests of the debtor and creditors, courts are constantly creating new rules of the game, determining the outcome of a particular dispute.

Who and on what basis can be held liable for the debts of a liquidated legal entity? What are the new rules for the sale of the only housing of a bankrupt citizen? How to effectively protect the deal when challenging / returning the debtor's asset, taking into account current trends in judicial practice? Under what circumstances is it possible to release a bankrupt citizen from obligations? And when it's impossible? Creditor in bankruptcy proceedings: rights, responsibilities, requirements?

Answers to these and other questions 28 April 2023 years will be shared by experts on the site conference center "Today" and present examples of current cases.

The event will take part Valery Revsky, Leading Lawyer “business officer” on arbitration disputes, insolvency expert (Bankruptcy) legal entities and individuals, as well as separate disputes on bringing to subsidiary liability, declaring transactions invalid, challenging the actions of arbitration managers in all insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy).

Date: 28 April 2023 y
Location: Swissotel Red Hills

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