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Acts without punishment: business taxes have halved

Acts without punishment: business taxes have halved

Tax payments to legal entities, Individual entrepreneurs and individuals decreased by half in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year - from 168 to 84 billion rubles. The number of tax audits during this period decreased from 2,6 to 1,5 thousands. This is stated in the HSE calculations based on the statistics of the Federal Tax Service. (Izvestia has). The service attributed the trend to the effect of last year's high base due to the moratorium on inspections., introduced during the pandemic. Why the number of field inspections of the Federal Tax Service and the volume of claims has sharply decreased?

Experts believe, that the emphasis of the authorities has shifted to preventive work with violators. Ambassador's comment “business officer”, Ph.D., Associate Professor, RANEPA, Head of the Expert Center “Business Russia” on criminal law policy and the execution of judicial acts by Ekaterina Avdeeva, read the material “Izvestia“.

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