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Business Duty Officer

Helpful News

During the crisis, many entrepreneurs need to replenish working capital to maintain business stability. Some need borrowed funds to grow their business, start of new projects, and someone needs a bank guarantee to participate in the tender.
And of course, many people need advice on how to properly manage the available money..
In this section there will be news about, what should businesses do in these cases?.

The expert urged Russian banks to activate security systems

The initiative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to oblige banks to return money transferred to scammers to Russians is very relevant, however important, that banks activate the security system and strengthen payment verification mechanisms, and

Law texts, posted on the website Pravo.gov.ru will become official

Since July 1 July www.pravo.gov.ru became the single place for the official publication of legal acts. The President of the Russian Federation signed a decree "On some issues of placing texts of legal acts on the "Official Internet Portal of Legal Information"

Prospects for NFT in Russia

In simple terms, NFT is like an electronic signature. (certificate) the author of the work, attached to a digital asset (picture, sound recording, game artifact, document), whose authenticity

Promising areas of business development

The Past Wave of the Pandemic, external international situation and growing inflation in the country undoubtedly leads to changes in the structure of the market, affects supply and demand, and also defines

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