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Where did the average salary in St. Petersburg come from 84 800 rubles

Where did the average salary in St. Petersburg come from 84 800 rubles

The average nominal wage in St. Petersburg in 2022 grew by 11,2 % and made 84 800 rubles. The minimum wage has reached 23,5 thousand rubles - it increased by 38 % four years. "MK in St. Petersburg" asked the Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Support of the Market Economy of the RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation, member of the General Council of Business Russia, Ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva to explain, where did the figure of the average wage in St. Petersburg come from.

"The question of whether, is the real average wage in 84 800 rubles in St. Petersburg, is rhetorical. The indicator assumes exactly the average value, that is, in the region are recorded as higher incomes, as well as a significantly lower level", - said the expert.

Recall, that the Minister of Economic Development has taken a course to increase the level of real wages by 5 % already in 2023 year.

“The authorities of St. Petersburg are really working to improve the welfare of the city, as evidenced by the entry into the TOP-8 regions in terms of wages", – shared Ekaterina Avdeeva.

According to the interviewee of the publication, important to understand, that the salary level takes into account only the actual income of employees, which are connected with legal entities by properly formalized labor relations.

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