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Business Duty Officer

Tax optimization for IT companies

Tax optimization for IT companies

The issue of optimization of taxation in the field of IT is the most hot topic . This is partly due to the ratio of the growth rate of the industry and its state regulation, which sometimes can't keep up with the relevant regulatory legal acts. Thereby, IT companies should monitor the processes that take place pn the tax policy of the state more than anyone else and they respond to them in time, this is why many of them are taking action, aimed at reducing tax payments and leading to an increase in the financial result, including the use of all tax benefits provided by applicable law, tax exemptions and other legal benefits.
Business Duty Officer has developed a successful algorithm, of optimization of taxation of IT companies that allows to reduce the tax burden and increase profits. Our team of successful lawyers and lawyers approaches each case responsibly, with which people come to us. We understand, that every case is unique, но наш профессионализм и опыт помогает найти самое подходящее решение.предприятий в стране.

Our work's principles:

1. Audit of the existing structure of the organization.

2. Business Risk Analysis (tax, criminal, administrative ones).

3. Legal reduction of VAT, of income tax, of the dividends, insurance premiums, PIT, property taxes, relocation.

4. Securing your organization's assets.

5. Registration of a package of necessary documents for the new structure.

6. Implementation of the approved structure.

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