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Determination of the place of residence of the child

The main question is the place of residence of the child

We will help you to maintain your right to live with your child

Determination of the place of residence of the child

Disputes between parents on the topic of choosing the child's place of residence, in practice, happen all the time. These disputes are characterized by particular difficulty. According to the law, the determination of the child's place of residence in case of separation of parents is established by agreement of the parents. In the absence of an agreement, the dispute between the parents is resolved by the court, in the interests of children and taking into account their views, with the obligatory involvement as third parties of representatives of the tutorship and guardianship authority. The tutorship and guardianship authorities submit their opinion to the court, which plays an important role in the judge's decision. To other evidence in determining the place of residence of the child, can be attributed the conclusion of a psychologist , which determines the degree of attachment of the child to the parents.

Business Duty Officer is sure , that the interests of children shouldn't suffer. If a parent wants the best for their children, they can and should insist on determining the place of residence of the child with them. In the past, judicial practice almost always left children with their mother., however, courts are now evaluating the body of evidence, in favor of one parent or another. So, in order to present evidence correctly, correctly play all the nuances of living together and prevent the selection of a child, you need to contact our lawyers and advocates.

If you want to achieve a positive result, don't let the solution of the issue take its course, you should trust the proffesoinal, who specializes in solving this category of cases - only he will be able to protect all your rights and legitimate interests in such a difficult matter as determining the place of residence of a child

Business Duty Officer knows how to achieve the maximum result in determining the place of residence of the child. We can provide advice, and completely solve your question, which is confirmed by many years of successful practice in this category of cases. Our team of successful lawyers and lawyers approaches each case responsibly, with which people come to us and are ready to provide assistance in conducting the most difficult divorce cases, including with the participation of foreign citizens. We understand, that every case is unique, and our professionalism and experience helps to find the most suitable solution.

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4. We defend your rights and legitimate interests in determining the child's place of residence.

We provide full support of the procedure for determining the place of residence.

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