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Restriction of legal capacity of a person and recognition as incompetent

Restriction of legal capacity of a person and recognition as incompetent

We will professionally accompany the procedure for recognition / limitation of legal capacity

Restriction of legal capacity of a person and recognition as incompetent

Limiting the legal capacity of a person, as well as declaring them incompetent, can only be done by the court. This procedure is often used by the relatives of the person, who got caught up in a difficult situation and who, due to their condition, cannot adequately perceive objective reality. But sometimes the above procedure also takes place in relation to former spouses, и в таком случае решение об ограничении дееспособности носит более существенный характер, since such decision directly affects, with whom the child will stay with, therefore, ex-spouses often resort to such measure in the process of determining the order of the child's place of residence as limiting the legal capacity of the ex-spouse.

Business duty manager has a unique system of interaction with clients and government agencies, которая позволяет добиваться максимального результата в вопросах ограничения дееспособности. We can provide advice, and fully accompany the procedure, which is confirmed by many years of successful practice in this category of cases. Our team of successful lawyers and lawyers approaches each case responsibly, with whom they come to us and is ready to provide assistance in handling the most difficult cases. We understand, that every case is unique, and our professionalism and experience helps to find the most suitable solution.

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4. Мы отстаиваем ваши права и законные интересы в вопросе ограничения дееспособности/признании недееспособным.

Осуществляем полное сопровождение процедуры по ограничению дееспособности/признания недееспособным.

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