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Business Duty Officer

About the Project — Business Duty Officer

"Business Duty Manager" is a faithful assistant to entrepreneurs in the development and running of business. We help the business community throughout whole Russia in the legal and practical aspects of doing business.

If you are a businessman, you can contact us for analysis and drawing up a solution to your issue - Pro Bono -

Business duty manager knows:

− How to level legal, criminal and financial risks. #Risks

− Protection against forceful pressure on business and fraud #ProtectionBusiness

− What changes have occurred in the legislation and how they can affect your business! #Legislative changes

− How to develop a business, attract funding and investments #Investments

− How to properly participate in government contracts #State contract

- How to competently resolve conflicts with partners #Business Conflict

− How not to become prosecuted and what to do, if such a situation exists #Criminal Responsibility

− Interaction with the Federal Penitentiary Service, HE TO, Authorized #FSIN

− How to deal with debt and all about bankruptcy #Bankruptcy

− MBA and personal growth and growth of your business #Personal growth

− How to resolve family disputes. #AffairsFamily

− Interesting opinions about business #Business Tips

− Interviews with top business owners, officials #FirstPersonView

– Life hacks from us and a lot of useful information #life hacks

"Business Officer" will help your success and bold move forward!

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