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Tax audit

Tax legislation is complex and controversial, and following the rapidly changing geopolitical and economic situation, the procedure for calculating taxes and fees is also being transformed. Even minor changes can result in numerous errors in tax calculations., which, in its turn, can lead to serious financial and even criminal legal consequences, until the bankruptcy of the company.

Tax audit – this is a check of the correctness of tax accounting to express an opinion on the reliability of the reporting of the audited entity. One side, it allows you to detect errors in a timely manner, allowed by the company when calculating taxes, and thereby avoid harsh sanctions for violation of tax laws. On the other hand, as a result of a tax audit, overpayments to the budget can be revealed - lost income, which you could invest in business development. Tax audit can also help optimize taxation, что улучшит финансовые показатели организации.

As part of the tax audit,:

  • verification of tax accounting for compliance with current legislation;
  • verification of the correct application of the tax rate, object of taxation, tax period, procedure and deadlines for paying taxes;
  • interaction with public authorities;
  • verification of the application of tax incentives;
  • verification of the correctness of the formation of the tax base;
  • filling out tax returns;
  • solution algorithms are being developed to prevent threats of violation of the law, as well as optimization of the fiscal burden;
  • drawing up an expert opinion.

The implementation of these procedures will allow you to consider the specifics of business transactions, compliance of the applied taxation procedure with the norms of the current legislation, assess the level of tax liabilities and potential tax violations.

Business Duty Alliance experts will provide legal support in conducting a tax audit, as mandatory, as well as proactive. High qualifications and vast experience in the field of tax law reduce all risks to zero, allow you to find pitfalls, and protect your business.

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