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Business Duty Officer

Tax optimization

Each entrepreneur is connected with the tax legislation in their activities, but not everyone realizes the possibilities, given to him, or interprets them too broadly, thus, that this leads to extremely negative legal consequences. There are many measures, provided by our company, aimed at optimizing your tax costs. They consist in analyzing your economic situation: tax systems, estimates, document archive, and most importantly, do you use the whole range of legal instruments to increase income and reduce expenses of a company or individual entrepreneur.

Our services:

  1. Calculation of the most favorable taxation system

Here it is important to understand, that different taxation systems are optimal for different organizational forms. In particular, choosing a simplified taxation system, should be determined, which form of tax is better: from all income at the rate 6% or from the difference between income and expenses at the rate 15%. You also need to take into account, that some laws of the subjects provide for reduced tax rates up to 1%.

2. Development of the most appropriate accounting policy

Depending on the specifics of the activity, various operations can be recognized as income., expenses, depreciation, fixed assets and so on. It is necessary to take everything into account and develop the most suitable accounting policy for your business., which will help legally reduce the tax burden.

3. Checking counterparties

When concluding contracts with counterparties, one should remain vigilant. If your partner is engaging in suspicious activities, then transaction costs may not be recognized by the tax authority, you will be forced to pay a large amount, even if there is an economic justification for such a financial transaction. Besides, dishonesty of counterparties may become the basis for blocking the account of the organization (IE) and many other adverse effects.

4. Document archiving optimization, necessary to comply with legal requirements for their storage

It is necessary to carefully maintain and be sure to save primary documents for a specified period.. They serve as confirmation of all business transactions., which are carried out by an organization or individual entrepreneur. Without these documents, transaction costs will not be taken into account in the event of a tax audit., probably, there will be a tax arrears. More than that, you can be offered our business process automation services for the most convenient interaction with the archive in the future.

The most basic types of services have been listed above., but this is just a general description of the work being done. Our company will be able to provide full support for your company in the field of tax optimization, providing you with all available tools to increase profits in business.

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