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Leasing. What is its essence

Leasing. What is its essence

Business development is closely related to the need to attract finance. For the most part, businessmen attract loans, but few know that there are others, more profitable, ways. In particular, альтернативным вариантом привлечения денежных средств является лизинг. Актуален он в случаях, когда компания планирует пополнить парк автомобилей, купить спецтехнику, станки и дорогостоящее оборудование.

Суть лизинга заключается с следующем: компания (лизингодатель) purchases equipment (subject of leasing) and then leases it for a certain period and under certain conditions to another company (lessee). Subsequently, the ownership of leasing equipment is transferred to the tenant company.

All conditions for the provision of equipment and its subsequent transfer are determined by the leasing agreement. To conclude a leasing agreement, it's necessary to determine the subject of leasing and the supplier, who will more often recommend a partner leasing company. There's another option as well: you can contact the leasing company directly, one that you trust, so that it would recommend a supplier, which will provide the maximum discount.

After determining the subject of leasing, the supplier and the lessor are approved by the company of the lessee. This stage is similar to underwriting in a bank when granting a loan, but the procedure is more simplified and the requirements are less high. The term of approval in any case does not exceed 6 Months.

After approval, an agreement is signed with the lessor, advance payment is paid. Then a tripartite contract with the supplier is concluded, the subject of leasing becomes the property of the lessor, and the lessee is given the property for use.

Monthly payments reduce the amount, which will need to be paid for the redemption of the leased object. When concluding a contract, it is necessary to carefully analyze the number of lease payments, as well as redemption payment, as this all affects subsequent costs.

It's important to remember, that a profitable conclusion of a leasing contract is hardly possible without competent legal support and advice from specialists in this field.

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