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Business Duty Officer

Qualified business support

Business needs proper management, it's important, so that everything works like clockwork on a clear legal basis, to minimize risks. Entrepreneur, the manager can hardly look at the business critically and take into account all managerial and legal risks. To do this, turn to professional specialists in the field of consulting, audit and law.
Why is it important to look at the situation through the eyes of professionals from the outside? Firstly, employees themselves do not have as much practice, unlike those, who professionally help many companies and the number of models for the development of the situation, that can be predicted, exceed the experience of employees in dozens of times , leaders and entrepreneurs. There may also be unscrupulous individuals in the team, who may deliberately offer deliberately failed proposals, enter into unfavorable contracts, submit reports, which in the end can not only bring ruin to the company, but also to the dock of leaders and owners.
Therefore, the financial and tax, legal and managerial audit must take place at regular intervals in order to, to mitigate risks and seize opportunities. For iexample, do you know how you can significantly increase the attractiveness of your company for everybody, including the credit institutions, due to intangible assets, or how to legally reduce the tax burden, or how to build regulations in such a way, to reduce the number of lawsuits by several times, how to implement a new KPI, without receiving a claim from the Labor Inspectorate. By the way, the correct KPI, clear regulations and the correctly chosen management style is based on the tasks and categories of employees.
Well, the importance of the legal department in any organization is extremely high, but due to the extremely high level of legal nihilism among entrepreneurs, it is often underestimated, and often without considering all the possible legal risks, without reading the agreement, with relying on the words of the counterparty only, and sometimes simply without denouncing the agreements reached in writing and without fixing them in the agreement the entrepreneur finds themselves in an extremely difficult situation , which can lead to negative consequences: loss of profit, criminal prosecution, and sometimes to the loss of the entire business. Thereby, there are many questions about business support: Audit of legal and criminal risks, trademark registration, drafting and maintaining a contractual database, counterparty verification, business structuring, business process optimization, relocation, activity regulation, legal aspects of creating a franchising model, structuring support, contesting, termination of transactions and deals.
Considering the aformentioned, qualified business support is one of our priority areas of activity, which we separate into a separate category. Our team of experienced lawyers and advocates has been providing legal support to small and large businesses for many years now, solving problems of any level.

Regarding questions in the field of business support, we successfully practice in the following areas:

This list is not exhaustive, and if your problem is not on the list, please contact us and we will select a set of measures aimed at solving your particular issue..

Over the years of work, Business Duty Officer has developed a successful algorithm for resolving the most difficult situations related to taxation and interaction with the federal tax service. Our team of successful lawyers and lawyers approaches each case responsibly, with which people come to us. We understand, that every case is unique, and our professionalism and experience helps to find the most suitable solution.

We have been helping entrepreneurs to protect the interests of their business for a long time.. With us you can be sure of a comprehensive and individual approach to solving any of your problems..

How we work to support business:

1. You leave a request with a question that you're interested in

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions

We discuss your problem and possible solutions

3. We offer solutions to protect your business

We coordinate decisions, terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement

4.No more worry about protecting your business

We protect your business 24/7

Why many entrepreneurs have trusted us to protect their business and their freedoms for many years?
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