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Who is Elena Blinovskaya and why was she detained while trying to cross the border

Who is Elena Blinovskaya and why was she detained while trying to cross the border

In the morning 27 April blogger Elena Blinovskaya was detained on suspicion of tax evasion. According to investigators, she did not report almost a billion in taxes to the Russian treasury. As reported in the telegram channel of the Investigative Committee, Blinovskaya was detained while trying to cross the border in a car she had previously rented. "MK in St. Petersburg" learned from the ambassador “business officer”, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Support of the Market Economy, RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Avdeeva, what is the reason for the arrest of the blogger.

“The actions of law enforcement agencies cannot be called systematic harassment of bloggers. It is about the revealed laughter of evading the main system of taxation, about the consequences of which bloggers are informed, How are they informed about the tax audit?, its results and the amount of arrears ", – explained the interlocutor of the publication.

Law enforcement agencies have learned to recognize the illegal schemes of bloggers to evade the main tax system, and consequently, and from paying taxes, which are subject to deduction in the budget.

"Escape is the worst strategy, which bloggers can choose. Demonstrating attempts to hide from the investigation, they themselves create grounds for choosing a measure of restraint in the form of detention”, - Ekaterina Avdeeva is sure.

Elena Blinovskaya was born 41 a year ago in the village of Oparino, Kirov region. In the capital of Russia, she moved to 2018 year, at the same time, her personal growth training “Marathon of Desires” began to gain momentum. It was created in 2015 year.

Within a month, marathon participants received an audio file with a “lesson” from Blinovskaya, then, under the supervision of mentors, everyone had to make a list of their wishes. Elena Blinovskaya also produced the film "Marathon of Desires", she also appeared there in a cameo.

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