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Business Duty Officer

Legal, managerial, construction consulting. Coaching.

Legal, managerial, construction consulting. Coaching. GR.

Management and legal consulting is a professional consulting for companies / business owners / managers on a wide range of issues, related to business development, building a management structure, systematization and automation, increased productivity, search company’s areas of growth , audit of all assets, including human, material, intangible and regulation of their effective use, implementation of KPI for employees, creation of regulations, fixing regulations in labor contracts, building a contractual base, that minimizes risks, building procedures for checking counterparties with risk assessment, etc.. All this helps the business to develop as efficiently as possible with minimal risk.

So that you don't build, private country house , multi storey apartment building or business center, you risk running into the fact, that contractors can make mistakes, intentionally or unknowingly. So, in order for your contractors to not waste their time, but at the same time do everything efficiently and on time, an analysis of the submitted estimate is necessary, and also the analysis of the project. If you are a business owner, its better to entrust the audit of the contractor's proposals, as well as control over its actions to a third party company or, at least, submit for verification (to the third party company). Why? Employees often constantly working with the same contractors, representing the company, they begin to receive additional illegal remuneration from them for agreeing on overstated estimates. Therefore, if you don’t want to study and analyze the entire project yourself or you are a manager and don’t know all the features, that are known only to professional builders and financiers, specialized in this area, it’s better to turn to professionals. Our team is specifically formed to independently audit construction projects, technical supervision of the construction process, including development projects of our companies. The work of consultants is aimed at eliminating all possible unnecessary costs and optimization of the workflow. We will even help you to choose reliable executives for work, if you find it difficult to choose, control all work processes. Over the years, our experience allows us to save a large amount of money., which our clients risked losing due to overestimation or violations during construction. It’s worth noting, that technical supervision is not only about saving money and ensuring quality work, but also the minimization of risks, which may even be criminal. Why? Poorly constructed facility can lead to collapses, which, in turn, can lead to death and injury. Who is guilty? Director. Or in case, if you are on a government contract, Violations may result in you being charged with theft., because your ignorance of the fact, that the contractor didn’t perform the work properly, will not release from liability. Obviously, costs for construction consulting and high-quality technical supervision are much cheaper, rather than fixing already damaged things that may occur risky, which can be risky . Therefore, our team of professionals, can help you conduct a comprehensive audit of your construction project, identifying excess or overpriced items in the estimate, and oversee the construction process., avoiding violations by the contractor.

GR is building relationships with public authorities. Actually, it is important for many companies. GR alignment technologies are important for the implementation of many projects. Legislation is currently undergoing changes, you need to know what changes await you in the near future, you need to affect such changes at some point to advance the interests of the company . The question may be relevant as for a long-established company, and for a rapidly growing startup project. It's extremely important for foreign companies., that enter the market. We develop GR strategies, that can help customers achieve their goals while, highlighting the importance of state and public interests, not just business' ones. There are also great opportunities for promoting companies in other countries..

Professional coaching helps eliminating internal contradictions and find areas for personal growth, which is often important for owners and managers after or in the process of professional consulting. We only have the best certified professionals in our team, who help the client to understand their internal attitudes, their psychotype and archetype, change their view on some things and see new approaches to achieving the desired goal.


The above list is not exhaustive and if your problem is not in the specified list - please contact us and we will select a set of measures aimed at solving your particular issue.

Business Duty Officer has been helping entrepreneurs to resolve complex property issues and disputes for years. With us you can be sure of a comprehensive and individual approach to solving any of your problems..

How we operate the resolve issues with property:

1. You leave a request with a question that you're interested in

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions

We discuss your problem and possible solutions

3. We offer solutions to your problem

A coach or qualified GR specialist coordiates the terms of cooperation and concludes an agreement

4. Your company is being provided with full support on a whole range of issues

Professionals find the best solution to the situation

Why have people come to us for coaching , consulting and GR-support for many years ?
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