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Business Duty Officer

Comprehensive support of foreign companies in Russia

Comprehensive support of foreign companies in Russia

If you are starting a business in Russia, then, you need a reliable partner, who will help you navigate in the peculiarities of the Russian market, legal and tax systems, while also helping to focus on the main tasks of the business and achieving results, and without spending a huge amount of time on solving related tasks, Business Duty Officer is exactly the right partner for you and your business, that will help you achieve your goals, taking over the all complex processes. And it doesn't matter if you plan to open a representative office in Russia, branch or company with a foreign partner.

Business Duty Officer is a team, who has excellent knowledge and a great resource, for all services, without which your tasks will not be achieved. We have a wide range of highly professional services, which are necessary to solve the tasks of international companies. Our experience and attention to detail, help your business run efficiently, focusing on core processes.


– we will advise on export and import issues, currency legislation and customs procedures;
– we will provide a reliable customs broker;
– we will help in the return of customs payments, adjustment of customs value, optimization of foreign economic activity for business, etc..

– we will help to establish relations with the authorities to ensure the possibility of maneuvering the interests of the company; – we will provide comprehensive preparation for all control and supervisory activities — we will present a roadmap for interaction with authorities for the implementation of large-scale projects; — select a pool of experts for strategic and tactical GR- tasks; - we will present relations with public organizations, business- associations, to form coalitions for specific
– analysis of the form of doing business that is optimal for you; - provide registration services, opening accounts, registration, obtaining licenses and permits; – help in choosing a reliable credit institution.

- we will select staff for you, prepare a motivation system, prepare employment contracts;
– we will undertake the verification and signing of the necessary documents, representation of interests in authorities;
— and if you appoint an expatriate director, who does not have a work permission, then we will solve these problems for you, having received permission.

– we will select the best tax model for you;
- prepare, submit reports and pay taxes on time;
– we will give a forecast on the estimated amount of taxes and advice on their optimization;
- offer benefits.

– we will select the best tax model for you;
- prepare, submit reports and pay taxes on time;
– we will give a forecast on the estimated amount of taxes and advice on their optimization;
- offer benefits.

– we will solve issues with migration registration;
– help with paperwork for foreign citizens: work permit, work visas, temporary residence permit, resident card.

The selection of counterparties in the process of doing business is very important for the promotion of the company. With established connections and extensive experience, we can provide services, your company's products, interesting to customers and select contractors for the execution of certain works.

We will provide reliable inspection procedures, and also help to carry out their comprehensive check, if you decide to give this task to us. then you'll protect yourself and your business from unscrupulous partners.

The above list is not exhaustive and if your problem is not in the specified list - please contact us and we will select a set of measures aimed at solving your particular issue.

Business Duty Officer has been helping entrepreneurs to resolve complex property issues and disputes for years. With us you can be sure of a comprehensive and individual approach to solving any of your problems..

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4.Your company is being provided with full support on a whole range of issues

Professionals provide an easy entry for your company to the Russian market

Why for many years large and developing foreign companies have been turning to us to enter the Russian market?
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