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Number of closed companies in Russia in 2022 year exceeded the number of open 13,6%

Number of closed companies in Russia in 2022 year exceeded the number of open 13,6%

Number of closed companies in Russia last year exceeded number of open 38 outside., or 13,6%. These are the data of the FinExpertiza study. Also, according to the FTS, it turned out, what the 2022 year in the country was opened 242,1 thousands. new business ventures. It's on 19,2 outside., or on 8,6% more than the previous year. The number of closed organizations decreased by 93,9 outside., or on 25,1%, to 280,2 thousands. Similar dynamics were also observed in 2021 year - the number of open enterprises increased by 3,9%, а закрытых снизилось на 27,4%. Ситуацию прокомментировала Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts of "Business Russia", Associate Professor, Department of Legal Support of the Market Economy, IGSU RANEPA, ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva.

– The dynamics of registrations and liquidations of legal entities is a natural continuation of existing trends, related to sanctions pressure, export-import restrictions, wave of partial mobilization. This is not about turbulence in Russian business, but about the structural transformation of the economy.

The indicator of registrations and liquidations of legal entities in general poorly reflects the state of business in the country. Most of the closed companies are excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities by the decision of the tax authority. Tax "cleansing" updated the register, liquidating actual inactive legal entities, who had an unreliable legal address, did not submit tax returns, did not carry out operations on bank accounts, had fictitious directors, etc.. In other words, the tax authority removed from the register of the company, that potentially pose risks to economic development and business activity.

At the same time, the exit of foreign companies should not be ruled out., who left the Russian market without selling the business to the owner of the Russian division, one side, and, on the other hand, closure of companies due to capital outflow or departure of foreign partners. Finally, many people have taken a wait-and-see attitude, minimizing risks, which are assumed in the conduct of business.

It is important to understand, that when analyzing the dynamics of registrations and liquidations of legal entities, one should not focus on quantitative, and on a quality indicator, real activity of the company and benefits for the economy. Government support measures stimulate both existing businesses, as well as investment projects and the opening of new industries, which will contribute to import substitution, development of domestic technologies and maintenance of the economic sovereignty of the state. These ambitious goals are planned to be achieved, in particular, through fiscal, monetary and regulatory measures, application of the reginveststandard and agreements on the protection and promotion of investments.

Start 2023 year seems to be a time of new business opportunities, without competition from Western companies and with the strongest support from the Government. We hope, that entrepreneurs, as acting, as well as potential, take advantage of this difficult, but a unique period for the prosperity of companies, industries, states.


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