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How to make money on the employment of new employees

How to make money on the employment of new employees

The Government of the Russian Federation in its resolutions from 13 March 2021 y. No36 and of 24 September 2021 y. No. 1607 continues the policy of state support for business.

What is the support this time? The state pays a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur three times the minimum wage (about 50 thousand rubles) for each employee hired, who at the time of employment was registered as unemployed.

You can spend money on any purpose. You don't have to be an organization., who has been affected by the coronavirus. Также нет критериев отбора по деятельности компании — данная мера государственной поддержки подходит для любого бизнеса.

For which categories of unemployed you can get a payment?

  • are registered at the employment center on 1 August 2021 y
  • graduated in 2020 year , university, college or technical school
  • have a disability
  • released from prison
  • are parents with many children or single children with minor children or children with disabilities

Now let's pay attention to a few nuances: the employee must be employed formally and full-time; at 15 December 2021 years in the state must remain at least 80% accepted under such a program (the exception is persons, dismissed of their own free will); payment does not come in a lump sum, but in three parts.

So, what if you employ three unemployed factory cleaners, then you get a payout in the amount of 150 thousand rubles, which you can use at your discretion. Thus, the state provides business with the opportunity not only to provide the previously unemployed with a job, but also benefit from it.

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