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How to appeal the decision of the supervisory authorities

How to appeal the decision of the supervisory authorities

The Ministry of Economic Development announced the simplification of the process of pre-trial appeal of inspections.

The basis for pre-trial appeal of the scheduled inspection is violations of the Regulations. The most common violations include the following:

  • Violation of the terms of the scheduled inspection;
  • Refusal to correct errors or typos Refusal to accept documents;
  • Additional fee requirement;
  • Requirement for additional unintended documents

The Ministry of Economic Development spoke about the introduction of a system of QR codes, with the help of which it will be possible to save time when appealing the decision to conduct an inspection and its results.

So, in order to appeal pre-trial proceedings against the decision of the supervisory authority to conduct an inspection or its results, it will be enough to scan the QR code on the act of the supervisory authority or on the decision to conduct control (supervisory) Events. The link contains a form for filing a complaint on the portal of the State Services. Also, QR codes will appear on the standard warning form. When it is scanned, the user will be redirected to the event card in the unified register of control (supervisory) Events.

However, the case is often not limited to pre-trial appeal.. In practice, pre-trial appeal against the actions of officials remains unsatisfied.. In this case, there is a need to file a lawsuit, where qualified legal support is absolutely necessary, involvement of legal practitioners.

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