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Business Duty Officer

GR events

To achieve certain goals within the framework of the developed GR strategy, it is often necessary to discuss with interested representatives of public authorities, as an executive, and legislative. Appropriate events are organized to ensure such a dialogue. They may be accompanied by the necessary media coverage to attract more attention or take place as a matter of routine..

It can also be round tables in the State Duma or the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, conferences and expert discussions with the business community, organization of sessions at various landmark forums, which attract a large number of representatives of business and government.

If you do not have sufficient resources, to invite the people you need to the event, then the most reasonable solution would be to turn to professionals. They will also help you choose the right event and ensure its high-quality organization and impeccable execution.. Therefore, the resources of the “Business Officer” are at your service., where experts are significant and well-known speakers at the above sites, moderators and organizers of similar events.

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