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Business Duty Officer

GR consulting and lobbying

Government relation (GR) is the establishment and maintenance of partnerships with public authorities. This area is increasingly being used by successful Russian companies., becoming part of strategic planning in business.

Do you think, that competitors are much more successful and achieve their goals with less effort, because they have powerful friends, which open many doors? The secret lies in building the right communications with partners, competitors and, of course, state.

Some think about GR-consulting, as well as the study of current trends in the relevant / sectoral legislation and existing support measures only after, how competitors force them out of the market or create difficult obstacles to doing business. Undoubtedly, this indicates a slight foresight.

The level of interaction with the state will be different depending on the scope of the business and the size of the company, but even a small company should at least know, what changes in legislation, in regulation, in CND may occur in the near future. It is important to be aware of those perks, what they can count on, to get the coveted advantage. For lobbying them, surely, have to unite, which is not always possible, but even the use of potential preferences can already open up new perspectives.

For the most part, GR is the task of medium and large businesses, especially, if it tends to scale. In particular, it is important to form a positive attitude of the authorities to a specific area of ​​activity and development plans (for example, entering a new region), as well as an impeccable business reputation among government officials. When moving to another level, this becomes relevant for small businesses in priority sectors of the economy.. It is also important to correctly present the public, economic and state significance of the company, in order to receive preferences provided by the Government.

Here are some examples.

  • You want to eliminate unscrupulous competitors, that not only interfere with your business, but also harmful, for example, health, making goods from low-quality raw materials. What can you do? regret that, that underground companies, working under the gray scheme, create unhealthy competition? wait for the moment, when the police are interested? But their actions today may not be seen as corpus delicti, or it will be extremely difficult to prove this corpus delicti. Then you just have to put up with and complain about the imperfection of the legislation and the inaction of law enforcement agencies, or raise the issue of the dangers of such unscrupulous competitors for consumers, who receive services or goods, endangering their lives, and for the state, who receive less income from tax deductions. What is required for this? Need to analyze the situation, identify indicators and markers, which can be used to distinguish between your and their activities, and achieve the approval of such indicators at the legislative level and thereby limit the harmful activities of an unscrupulous competitor.
  • You have created something very useful for society and the state, but can't find an investor or clients, who do not even want to understand your unique product. It is important to demonstrate the significance of a particular project for society, power and business and show, what problems will be solved during the implementation of this project. The state is most likely ready to support you with a subsidy or grant program, determine the obligation for certain companies to purchase your products or services. Not yours personally, surely, but with certain features, which your product or service fully possesses. It seems both simple and complicated at the same time.. But this is quite realistic with the competent work of a GR expert.
  • you understand, what for, to make your business grow, legislation needs to be changed. GR-expert will help to determine the reference points of the normative legal act in the interests of the client, taking into account the global benefit to society, will accompany the development, introduction and lobbying of draft laws.

The examples given show that, that nothing is impossible for a competent GR expert. Really good and effective specialists in this field are expensive, and it's justified. Hiring such a specialist on staff can be financially unprofitable., because in an attempt to save money, quality and results are lost. It is much more efficient to contact the company, where there is a pool of such specialists with a whole range of opportunities, which together will be able to solve any tasks, having analyzed the initial positions and prospects based on your requests.

If you really want to be at the forefront of your industry and have a successful business, then you need GR-consulting. Experts of the "Business Duty Officer" will be able to provide you with such support, to help take your business to the next level, increasing income and solving problems, that once seemed unsolvable to you.

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