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The Business Russia Expert Center and Anticorr.media launch a joint business protection project

The Business Russia Expert Center and Anticorr.media launch a joint business protection project

Agreement on cooperation between the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Execution of Judicial Acts and the editors signed at the meeting, dedicated to changes in tax legislation.

Earlier, the expert center and the editors of Anticorr.media have already launched the practice of joint meetings, during which not only issues of legislative changes were considered, but also practical cases, many of which formed the basis of investigative journalism.

– This practice helped us attract journalists for more comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs. The Expert Center considers the issue exclusively in the legal plane, of course, investigative journalism allows a broader study of the situation. With this interaction, the number of success stories at the center has increased, - said the head of the expert center Ekaterina Avdeeva.

Editor-in-Chief Anticorr.media Olga Druzhinina, against, noticed, that it is very important for journalists to study the legal analysis of the situation.

- It's not a secret, that, contacting us, people often want to use journalists for their own purposes. It is very important for us to understand, How was the situation in reality?. Legal analysis of such a high level significantly helps us in our work. We are also grateful to Ekaterina Avdeeva for the opportunity to participate in human rights activities, over the years we have accumulated a lot of material, valuable for the work of protecting the rights of entrepreneurs, - said Druzhinina.

The expert center and the editorial office agreed on information exchange, coverage of the events of the center, as well as investigating, when, if the entrepreneur is not against the involvement of the media, and the topic is of public importance.



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