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Ekaterina Avdeeva announced the strengthening of the expert center

Ekaterina Avdeeva announced the strengthening of the expert center

4 On August, a memorandum on cooperation between the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts and the Higher School of Law of the Institute of Public Service and Management of the RANEPA was signed at the Business Russia site. The signing ceremony took place at a meeting of the expert center, dedicated to systemic problems of the practice of applying tax compositions. Свои подписи под документом поставили член генерального совета и руководитель экспертного центра «Деловой России» Екатерина Авдеева и декан Высшей школы правоведения ИГСУ РАНХиГС Олег Зайцев.

The parties agreed to work together to create a single information space in the field of economic and entrepreneurial activity, доступной для всех хозяйствующих субъектов России. Общие задачи, to be addressed by both parties is a comprehensive interaction in improving the conditions for doing business and observing the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs, as well as improving the financial and legal literacy of business.

“In the context of sanctions pressure, entrepreneurs are the potential of Russia. They create new technologies, implement the policy of import substitution, provide industrial infrastructure and jobs, – said Ekaterina Avdeeva. – For us, the signing of the memorandum is a big step, which indicates a clear desire of the parties to cooperate in creating a favorable investment climate, comfortable and safe working conditions for entrepreneurs”.

"Open dialogue, which took place today at a meeting of the expert center, allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the business experience, but to hear the opinion of law enforcement agencies and form a consolidated position of the business community. Think, what offers, voiced today, will form the basis of those decisions, which will be adopted later at the federal level. We support the initiatives of the expert center and are pleased to start working together”, - emphasized Oleg Zaitsev.

Summarizing, Ekaterina Avdeeva announced the creation of an expert information Telegram channel Business Protection Center. It will become a platform for rulemaking, estimates of the index of administrative and forceful pressure on business, improving the financial and legal literacy of entrepreneurship.

Recall, that the meeting of the expert center took place 4 August in the mansion on Delegatskaya. The large-scale event brought together more than half of the constituent entities of Russia and became a platform for direct dialogue between the business community, federal law enforcement agencies, business ombudsman, scientists. The main goal of the meeting is to find solutions to eliminate systemic problems in the practice of applying tax compositions.

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